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    I’m wondering what is the best brand of stevia to buy. I orignally thought the green box of stevia in the raw would be good and got there, only to realize it has dextrose. Then, I got pyure organic stevia. The ingredients are organic agave inulin, organic rev a (stevia extract) and natural flavors. Now I’m reading on here that organic agave inulin is questionable. I haven’t seen much else. Are these ok or do u have a better suggestion? I’ve been using a lot of stevia…in my chicory root coffee, on my coconut bread, and in my fage greek yogurt so I don’t want to screw all the hard work over a bad brand. Thanks!


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    Hi yisucks,

    For raw stevia I use: Planetary Herbals, Stevia Powder
    For liquid stevia I use: Planetary Herbals, Stevia Liquid Concentrate
    For stevia extract I use: NOW Foods, Better Stevia Extract Powder

    Hope this helps.


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    well now I´m wondering if my stevia with maltodextrin is ok? do you know?


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    You can also grow stevia in your backyard and harvest the leaves…

    I like sweetleaf stevia (tried it in hawaii and now I want more), and I personally use steviva which doesnt taste as good.

    Look at the ingredients on the back of your stevia to determine if it contains maltodextrin or any other fillers. You want 100% pure stevia.


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