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    I have had a persistent skin rash on my face. I realize it is candida issue. It is also want led me to the dermatologist for treatment which was Doxycycline and I know everyone knows what happened next. Yep! Ok.

    So now I know what not to do not going to use antibiotics.

    What I am wondering does the bentonite clay work on the rashes on the face? I have read people use it as a clay masque but just wondering anyone have experience how long to leave it on and so forth.

    Thank you!



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    Yes! I also have facial rashes (coupled with acne) and I just started using a face mask that has bentonite and avocado in it. It works! I still have the symptoms because I’m experiencing die-off (in my first month still) but the mask erases the symptoms and makes my skin look pretty great overall.
    I bet you’ve tried it since your post but if not, do it!

    Thanks for all your posts!



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    I have not tried bentonite clay, but I have used stinging nettle tea when I broke out in eczema on my face. I drank the tea a couple of times a day for several days in a row and the eczema gradually cleared up. I hope you feel better soon.

    Here is the tea I used.


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    I will read more about the stinging nettle.


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    I drink nettle leaf tea everyday it is expensive so I buy it in bulk from amazon with my prime membership and drink it daily as iced tea or hot tea. Also has anti fungal properties it is mentioned on this site quite a bit and when I researched about it nothing bad to say for candida. Seems to be good I can’t say it is “helping” per se but it is part of my routine because I drink tea. Never put on my face. I did use the clay on my face and chest didn’t help per se but it didn’t hurt either. I haven’t drank the clay either. My practitioners didn’t think that was anything I “should do” so I didn’t do the cleanse with they clay as suggested here.

    Nettle Leaf inexpensive in bulk: Here is what I buy

    Dandelion Root I also drink the tea everyday it has a laxative effect LMAO if you are not careful you will definitely be going but a cup or two a day is also recommended on many sites for candida issues helps cleanse the liver as well. Been drinking this. The bulk I buy is STRONG way stronger than the traditional medicinal tea I was buying so just keep in mind the strength could be too strong. When it is too strong you may feel sick headache dizzy even. Its powerful tea. I believe more so than the nettle leaf it seems to be a little more benign.

    My status: I am in month two of candida diet lifestyle change. I only eat approved veggies off the “Raster bad ass food list” GREAT LIST RASTER : ) and anti biotic free meats that is my world and a GI Sustain shake and taking supplements. My practitioners PA, MD’s that practice in this area suggested I have some fruit berry only blueberries I tried they tasted great but I didn’t feel good after eating them for a couple of days so keeping a food diary is critical. Also taking my supplements and doing so with a plan of attack. I can’t take my usual supplements that I was before the diet all at once. So now I have a 3x a day schedule and may go to 4x per day so that when I take supplements that are recommended they are not an overload to my “very clean” system.

    I have posted about my future plans in regards to candida and definitely will be pursuing a non profit and writing a book with the doctors that I have been working with that will give people a one stop free source for information and also a forum to share their own experiences like here but with more flexibility.

    This chronic illness is widespread impacting millions and there needs to be one clearing house a web site for resources, a survivor forum and materials that anyone can find QUICKLY and EASILY. I spent probably a thousand hours looking up every supplement, approach on line etc and there is too much and most are just blog posts written by people selling their “wares” and very few offered any real concrete information. That needs to change.

    Millions are suffering and don’t even know why my goal is to help ensure that there is data available quick and easy and a provider network to help locate medical professionals who practice in the area all of it and a forum for users that are dealing with this chronic illness to post questions and more flexibility.

    Stay the course everyone and be good to yourself. My opinion we didn’t get here by accident and for whatever reasons this is something we all have to experience and overcome.

    – Alexis

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