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    OK like I said in another post this past weekend I screwed up big time, not once but twice. We ate at a restaurant on Saturday and I had fried chicken, brunswick stew and some corn sticks. Oh man was it great, so great that stupid me went back for seconds on Sunday.

    On Monday some symptoms came back, extreme fatigue, dizziness and dry mouth. I have been back on the diet but still feel terrible especially after a meal.

    Today for breakfast I had two organic eggs with coconut oil, a piece of coconut/buckwheat bread and some brocollli and green beans. For lunch I had a salad with lettuce, cucumber, a boiled organic egg and some olive oil/organic ACV dressing that I made myself. The thing is I am eating off of the stage 1 diet but still have the symptoms. Should they last for days like this or is it something else?


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    I think its safe to say that you gave the candida a feast. While I didn’t cheat for 3-4 months other than dairy/coffee a few times and a few apples…I did still notice that after those events, I was set back. I knew I wasn’t quite there yet so I continued the diet.

    When you give it a feast and haven’t fought it off completely, it will come back with a vengeance. Once you are more or less symptom free, I would then start trying and testing out foods; at that point it won’t do nearly as much damage.

    The bad foods can stay in your system for days sometimes. The candida can thrive on this the whole time it’s in your body. Just learn from your mistakes and know that some day you will enjoy these foods again potentially. After you feel really good when getting over candida, it is only normal to do/consider something like this; it may be out of your system as soon as a week.



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    I too thought i was ok to have a few takeways over a few week period as i was starting o feel much better but I woke up one day and felt like i had been
    kicked in the stomach. I got so exhauseted i had to come home from my holiday, i couldnt walk, i was so ill i thought i would die. lesson learned for me lol. never again! its not worth it. I dont think i will ever go back to my old eating habits now, whats the point?
    i hope you feel better soon x


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    Amen, I was telling my wife and daughter that the food sure was good but it wasn’t that good. Needless to say I won’t be trying any new foods anytime soon lol. Thankfully after eating correctly and a lot of prayers I am feeling better this morning.

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