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    Hi there. Do any of you guys have any experience, or know much about, the Prevotella species of “bad” bacteria? For about a year now, I’ve been suffering with symptoms of BV…almost chronically. I used to have yeast symptoms but then it switched to bacteria. Anyway, I’d go to the gyno and they’d look under the microscope and just tell me “you have bad bacteria” but refused to culture and tell me what kind. I’ve treated with all sorts of stuff, but nothing really helped. Taking vaginal probitiocs for extended time frames helped once, but it came right now.

    Anyway, I finally found out what kind of bad bacteria it is. All the “typical” BV strains came back negative, but I was positive for the Prevotella sp (P. corporis, P. Albenis). Are any of you familiar with this? I’m definitely gonna set up an apt with my ND to review but just wondering in the meantime.

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