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    I thought I share this b-complex vitamin that I take from time to time. I have varied with a lot of b vitamins in the past always trying to find the right one, since last year. Then, I started taking country’s life b-complex vitamin. I thought it was good, kept me calm, but I worried about the soy in it. However, I know a few of the supplements my nd (raster’s nd) has gave me has soy in it, but one is to help me sleep, and plus a little is good for memory. I just watch it, and don’t take it all the time.

    Anyways, I found this new and improved b-vitamin that I have been trying off and on for quite awhile. Sometimes it is too much for me; other times, it really helps me get stuff done in the worst candida die-off mode where I can still function on doing something and get the energy to get it done amazing. Then, I think, wow, I must be really absorbing this complex. I feel the energy almost instantly; I can’t say that with other b vitamins. Also, I can say that I think that is does a better job of keeping my sugar balance in check if I stray a little from diet because I have had problems with sugar highs and lows.

    Actually, I have dumped half the capsule of 1 into a empty capsules I have and made it into 2 doses for me because my body is sensitive. Only take this vitamin in the morning, unless you want to be up all night. My nd said it is best to get vitamins in their active form, and this has it. I haven’t taken the full 2 capsules recommended for this vitamin, maybe some people need it, but I am fine with just a teeny amount. I am a very small guy, due to my history of candida, gastroparesis, and no colon now (lots of problems). =0

    I just thought I would share this because it is a very advanced vitamin, and I think can help some of you candida sufferers like me put you in a better mood and give you some energy on those rough days, or days you know your going to do a lot.

    Here it is:

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