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    I have been having weird health issues for 2 years. Last fall the symptoms worsened and I had severe skin issues and fatigue. Here are the symptoms:

    Vision changes-cloudiness mostly and not being able to see well at night
    Itchy eyes
    Itchy skin all over
    bleeding gums
    joint pain
    abdominal bloating
    severe skin rashes-diagnosed as gutate psoriasis and eczema
    swollen esophagus
    skin on the bottom of my feet peel off
    Swollen face

    Most of these symptoms went away after taking a short round of diflucan but came right back after stopping the diflucan. After going on a 2 week round of diflucan the symptoms abated for a month and a half. Now they are back again. After taking the 2 week diflucan I went on the following regimen:

    Now Candida Support
    Grapefruit Seed Extract
    Renew Life Ultimate Flora
    I have also been on a low fat high carb diet with no grains. Basically meat and veggies for 4 months now.

    But symptoms still have returned. So where do I go from here? Any and all help appreciated.


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    I recommend professional help because you’ll get better faster because this is a long term battle to get better. Most people get better in a 6-18 month timeframe or longer. Your regimen is basically 2 antifungal products and a probiotic…most people need much more than this to get better and also need a detox plan.

    There are some gluten free grains such as teff and buckwheat that work great for diet.



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    There is no professional help where I live. I’ve searched and searched for years where I live for some sort of alternative practitioner of any kind. All anyone does is throw topicals and antihistamines at me. Is there reputable online practitioners out there?


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    Sorry that should have been high fat low carb diet. Basically the candida diet only more restrictive due to the dozens of food sensitivities I have.

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