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    I’ve been looking around the internet about success stories and I can barely find any decent ones, just people vaguely saying they felt a bit better after being on the diets for months and not giving enough details about their problems in the first place. I know if this diet cured me then I would be singing it from the roof tops! Has anyone here recovered using this diet? Is there somewhere where I can read proper success stories stating what was wrong, what they did and what it fixed?


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    I’ve been on the diet for 6 weeks and all of my symptoms have gone, they included fatique, brain fog, anxiety, lower back pain, sugar craving, low mood. I’ve had a few reactions during the 6 weeks that have reproduced certain symptoms and that was because of a reaction to certain foods on the list to eat. I think my overgrowth was and still is pretty bad so i’ve had to be very strict with what I eat.

    I only started getting better when I fully committed to the diet and changed my life in essence to make sure I could do it. Its not easy but its nice to know I’m on the road back to health. I’ve been able to start swimming and gentle weight lifting as a result.

    Commit to it and see what happens, but in my experience results come quick quickly. The next challenge will be re-introducing foods, but I’m doing at least 90 days on the anti candida diet before i try that.

    Good luck



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    Diet alone won’t cure you because it doesn’t kill candida. It just makes your candida “weak” so your symptoms will subside but as soon as you start re-eating normal the symptoms will flare up again.

    You need antifungus, probiotics, biofilm dissolving enzymes and enemas to kill candida and flush it out from your body.

    Anyway don’t get me wrong. The diet is important because without it you give “strength” to your candida to fight.

    I learned it the hard way. I was feeling better, then on friday night I had a night out with lots of alchool and junk food and my symptoms flare up again. It sucks.

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