Are there any Candida safe protein supplements?

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    Most of the products on the market if not all include sweeteners and sugars that are bad for candida.

    Are there any candida safe natural products or should one simply stick with natural proteins?


    Matty P
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    I use Vital Protein. It is a Pea Protein Isolate which my Naturapath said was safe for Candida. I have the Vanilla flavour powder with coconut water and some blueberries.

    It is quite nice!


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    Go for the unflavoured protein… usually cheaper! Don’t go for the brand name stuff


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    i lost so much weight due to candida and the diet, i need to get back the weight i really hate my body now, i am thinking of using mass gainers but i don’t think it’s a good idea to the carbs it contains or sugar. Does anyone know any good mass gainer supplement which won’t feed candida? if Not which protein supplements are acceptable ?


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    Check out integrative thereaputics, thorne, solgar, nature’s way, pure encapsulations, standard process, seroyal…these are the products naturopaths use to heal and treat people.


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