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    Hello, the following is a list of what I do for my candida journey. I don’t have easy access to a naturopath and have relied heavily on online sources, which are rarely consistent enough for me to feel confident about what I’m doing. If you guys could clarify on whether my actions are correct or not, I would be incredibly grateful.

    I’m using (nutribiotic) grapefruit seed extract and (gaia) oil of oregano for my anti-fungals and (Natures Plus) Acidophilus as my probiotic.

    I also take Nattokinase and Chelated Molybdenum as my enzymes. In addition, I try to take a teaspoon of Swedish bitters every day or other day at least.

    Lastly, I make a tall drink out of (sports research, collagen peptides) collagen powder, Amazing Grass green Superfood (Alkalizing & Energizing plant based nutrition Vegan/ Gluten free), some organic cinnamon powder, and spoon of Apple cider vinegar (with the mother). I drink this with my meal in the evening.

    My diet has been a lot of eggs mixed with greens such as broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlic, radishes, and some other greens. Recently, I’ve been trying out 100% buckwheat noodles/ soba here, however, it does say it’s made in a factory where wheat is handled. In addition, I’m adding some fish here and there, but mostly depend on a lot of eggs. I eat one meal a day using intermittent fasting.

    With all that being said, is there any issue to what I’m doing or consuming?


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    It sounds like you have the brains and the willpower to heal yourself. But if I were you, I wouldn’t eat noodles of any kind. If your symptoms improve, then you can give them another chance.

    Good luck with your war. I’m still in the foxhole.


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    Prebiotics are more important than probiotics. I’d argue that probiotics are pretty useless at this point in my journey. Focus on finding which antifungals work for you and eating foods that contain prebiotics in every meal. I use SF722 and am looking at adding a digestive enzyme to the mix too. 70% recovered from an infection at start of year.

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