Are Millet Flour, Gram Flour and basmati rice acceptable on diet?

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    I’m new to the diet and just wanted to know if millet flour, gram flour (chickpea flour) and basmati rice acceptable on the diet. I’m very underweight and am vegetarian so wanted to make sure I don’t lose anymore weight! Also if anyone has any food suggestions for an underweight vegetarian that would be great.


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    All I can suggest is that you focus on the high fat allowables – avocado, nuts, coconut, almond butter, egg yolk, etc… make coconut milk from dessicated coconut milk and cook with that too…

    Good luck!


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    hi , the answer depends on which site you look at. The one I am looking at is so extreme the answer is no to everything! Its almost impossible to live on. I got some gluten free flour and use it and it doesnt make me worse but according to the other site i am doing it completely wrong! its hard to find the right advice so what i say is go with your gut feeling, if it works for you then go for it. i will end up wasting away on this unless i stop listening to all the scare stories out there.


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    spice joe.
    I have been told to stop nuts, almond butter etc. this is why its so confusing lol


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    Nuts are not necessarily bad. Nuts that come pre-cracked do have the danger of carrying molds. Nuts are also high in protein and can tax the digestive system unnecessarily. Sprouted nuts(soak in water overnight, drain, rinse) are higher in vitamins and minerals than regular nuts. You should also be looking for raw, organic nuts rather than any nuts containing any extra ingredients like salt or any type of sugar.

    Peanuts are not nuts. They are legumes and should be avoided.

    Almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, and Walnuts are perfectly fine for the Candida diet. If you are worried about molds, you can make a wash out of Water and GSE to kill any mold on the nuts.

    Nut milk is an excellent way to enjoy various nuts.

    Almond flour is an also a commonly used flour on the Candida diet for baking recipes. Quinoa is another type of grain that can be ground into a flour, and is perfectly acceptable on the Candida diet. Amaranth flour is another one.

    I would say that rice is probably not generally safe for the Candida diet, especially in the beginning when you want to be killing the Candida as much as possible.

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