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    A friend mentioned today that she’s treating her son’s stomach issues with apple cider vinegar. I know ACV is on the list of foods that are okay, but is it something that will also help to treat the candida? And how should it be taken?


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    ACV can actually act an anti-fungal, but it’s reported to have a number of other health benefits. This only applies to unpasteurised ACV that still contains mother of vinegar, a web-like substance made up of acetic acid bacteria that will continue to grow in the bottle. I haven’t seen any research on it, but perhaps the bacteria essentially act as a special kind of probiotic that helps maintain acidity in the bowels.

    You can take 1 tbsp in a glass of warm water, but you might want to test yourself first with a 1 tsp dose to see if you get a strong reaction to it. Some people use it in cooking too.


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    ACV with coconut oil will do wonders. I have done it personally myself when I had a candida infection and the results were awesome. I even take it to this day because of other benefits it offers.


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    I love the stuff but as mentioned it must be with the “mother” most sold in grocery stores are pasturized and kill all the benifitical stuff. This is so it looks nice and clear in the bottle for retail. you want the stuff that has crap floating in it lol. A good name brand is Braggs.

    One thing to remember is that long term use can damage the tooth enamel. always rinse with water after drinking it and though its a good idea to brush your teeth afterwards, do not brush your teeth without fully rinsing out your mouth first.

    I found that drinking the ACV/water solution through a straw can be a good way to bypass the teeth.

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