Anyone take Black Seed Oil for Candida?

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    I ran across this Natural News article
    Nigella sativa proven to treat candida albicans effectively

    I’m not so impressed with this article but have been using Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil for several years since I’m not able to take pain meds. So far it has worked well for me for any type of pain or soreness or discomfort I’ve had.
    Black Seed Oil aka Nigella Sativa. The saying goes…
    NIGELLA SATIVA – A cure for all disease except death

    A comment about the taste of the liquid Black Seed Oil (which strangely) I’ve acquired a taste for it because it helps me so but it is very pungent and tastes like you might think turpentine would. Which reminds me that Bill Thompson of Earth Clinic in his book, Candida Killing So Sweetly has a Turpentine/Kerosene Protocol as an Anti-biofilm Protocols. That’s different. I’ll post a question about that too.

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