Anyone have a natural fix for a sinus infection?

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    Hi all,
    I currently have a sinus infection and refuse to take antibiotics after all of this hard work (90 days into the candida treatment).
    If anyone has a natural fix for a sinus infection please let me know.


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    I use olive leaf extract in my Neti pot twice a day. I get them all the time. Just 3 or 4 drops. Try it


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    I read somewhere about someone putting probiotics in their neti pot, but i’m not that sure about that.
    My sinus infections NEVER respond to antibiotics. Face steaming (tea tree oil is good)helps me before I rinse.


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    I have one too. I have to go to the Drs today though because i am getting worse. My heart rate won’t go down. I have been holding out and will tell him i dont want antibiotics.


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    I second the Neti Pot. With anything extra, or not, it knocks out the frequent sinus infections I get, very quickly.


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    Get some of this:

    Keep it on hand for your next sinus infection. Do not use it without diluting it in almond oil. Swab some of the diluted oil into your nose and inhale. Keep the smell strong in you sinuses. This smells awesome and works like magic. I use the diluted oil to do face steams, and sometimes I put it in an essential oil diffuser for sleeping at night.

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