Anyone had luck with anti fungals? Also advice, and help with light sensitivity

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    After months of undiagnosed issues, i started to suspect yeast as it was the only thing that came back in tests. I am seeing a naturopath who has given me nystatin x2 daily, for 14 days, and then i start diflucan x1 daily for 7 days, and then x1 weekly for 7 weeks. He wants to see me again in 3 weeks to see how my progress is. They also gave me acai berry for body cleansing, and pure liver formula to take also. Has anyone on here had any luck with nystatin and diflucan? I read a lot of people say it builds resistance, and after the course comes right back again if it does help. Anyone tried both together? I know most people say it has to be for a long time to help at all. I started the nystatin yesterday morning. After the first pill i didn’t feel too bad, maybe more spaced out than usual, but i was told that was normal. Then last night, took the second pill, and my spaced out feeling was AWFUL. I felt my brain fog x10, and felt really tired and a little anxious. Then i went to the bathroom, and noticed this string looking yellow thing in my stool. It didn’t look like a parasite to me, but not sure what it could be. Anyone experienced this? I have had this on a few occasions before.

    Also do any of you have your treats every now and then? I am really strict on the diet, but sometimes i do crave so bad that i cheat. I am not sure if in moderation this is okay, or if it is doing me a lot of harm. I find it hard when i am hungry between meals, because i tried the coconut bread recipe which i actually liked, but every time i ate it i would get really bad stomach aches after. Not sure what was causing me to do so, but it was definitely the bread. I have been tested twice for celiac, both were negative.

    Also, does anyone have any advice for light sensitivity? Not sure if the anti fungals may help, but sometimes it gets so bad it is hard to be outside, and the brain fog is 24/7 and is so bad. I worry i might never feel normal again, and idk if yeast is just one issue, or the main problem. How do you really know?

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