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    And did it show anything?

    I had it done yesterday. Doctor did say that there was mucous, but otherwise my colon was healthy.

    That is good news, but my question is the following: wouldn’t there be some evidence of candida or inflammation? People write here on the forum about having colonics done and tons of white stuff coming out of them which is candida so wouldn’t that be seen during colonoscopy? The procedure was very painful for me so maybe my colon was inflamed, but how come doctor did not see it? An old lady had the procedure done before me and I peaked (it’s bad I know, but I was freaked out and needed to know what I’m up for), she did not say a word or move. I was in pain the whole time.

    I am on the diet for about two months, but I’m pretty sure I am not rid of candida yet as I still have slight symptoms and die-off when taking antifungal stuff.

    Now my first and most persistent symptom was chronic vaginal infections so is it possible that candida is more there than in the intestines? Digestion problems (diarrhea) came last on the array of symptoms that showed up over the years and first one that went away.

    Anyone has some wise comments to this? Or experience?

    Thanks in advance!



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    Hello, Arijana.

    As far as the information I’ve read, the Candida wouldn’t be seen during the actual colonoscopy. Tissue would have to be removed and examined under a microscope in order to detect the Candida.

    After the death of billions of Candida in the intestines, I imagine that rather small “clumps” of the dead Candida could be seen. Also, a lot of what people describe seeing are other pathogens which can also be caused by too much sugar and antibiotics; in other words, the descriptions are not always that of dead Candida alone.



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    Thanks Able! I was just wondering if this meant that I am closer to the cure then I thought and perhaps my candida problem was more lodged somewhere else besides the gut. I do know for sure that candida reduced grately in numbers because few sips of chamomille tea used to give me die-off, but I tasted chamomille few days ago and I was fine. Nettle tea as well, yay! I am excited to say that finally I am starting on low antifungals and waiting for reactions. I am using that Candida Clear product as it has lower dosages of antifungals and see how that goes, then I am cracking open that jar of coconut oil 🙂

    Most of my symptoms are pretty much gone although I do get some slight die-off on and off and a little bit of anxiety but very manageable. I think anxiety is mostly brought on by worry about any change in food or fear of bad another die-off (you know I had it bad twice already) so it may be just my mind playing with me. I also am just gaining confidence in going somewhere with my kids alone. Even though I never really fainted, I had bursts of dizziness and weakness before so I am afraid of it coming back and being able to watch my children properly. But we went for a 45 minute walk yesterday, just us girls and even though I was worried a bit most of the time it still felt just great!

    Your answer also changed my mind about repeating the stool tests. As you know it showed up before, but if the number is reduced, I doubt it would show up there now which doesn’t mean it’s not in the intestines.

    Grateful Able for sharing your knowledge!


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