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    All seems a bit too good to be true to me?


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    I would consider the mccomb’s plan as an alternative; the problem with all of these other plans that sell you bulk supplements is that it is very often cheaper and more effective to purchase each one of the products separately from a vitamin store or online. And psyllium is not very effective for fighting candida and can cause chronic constipation…its something we do not recommend on the forum.

    We can put together a way better group of vitamins/supplements if/when you are ready. For instance, I highly recommend SF722 and fermented cod liver oil; these two combined would be about $80ish US so there’s half of your kit right there…we then could put together about $50 worth the vitamins such as vitamin C, E, K, and more that would bring great benefit.

    Another thing they promote is enzyme products; these can vary widely in their effectiveness.

    We also do not recommend berberine products because they can destroy the beneficial bacteria in the gut and are similar to antibiotics.



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    Thanks Raster,

    So much to learn!

    It was more the amount of different foods that they say is ok from the get go which caught my attention!

    Definitely going to stick with you guys advice as everything has been spot on so far!

    I have all the vitamins recommended on the protocol from Now foods, just need to look at the SF722 and fish oil.

    Thanks again



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    I stopped reading when they talked about phase 5 month 12 to 15. A protocol that lasts 15 months?? How very inefficient. Must cost a lot of money too to be on supplements for that long.

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