Anyone familiar with the work of Ray Peat?

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    I wonder if anyone knows Ray Peat’s work on Candida and, if so, what you think of it. A friend of mine has studied with Paul Chek, who is now basing his nutrition program on the work of Ray Peat.

    I don’t know much about it, but this guy is a follower of Ray Peat’s research and this video (as well as some of his others) sorta explains their viewpoint. In short, they advocate eating root vegetables, tropical fruit, among other things to regulate Candida because they believe Candida needs to be controlled not eradicated. He also has another uTube video talking about iron and how it feeds overgrowth.

    This video is entitled “Rethinking Candida,” which tells you right off the bat, it goes against conventional wisdom.

    Here are some of Ray Peat’s articles:


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