Anyone ever tested positive for H-Pylori bacteria?

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    New naturopath wants to test me for this H-Pylori bacteria! Could be related to candida overgrowth and leaky gut, etc. Anyone else had similar experience? Thanks!


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    There is quite a few that have tested positive for this on the forum and its symptoms are similar to candida. Unfortunately, I can only see back into 2012 with the forum search functions and we haven’t had anyone talk about it for awhile.

    From my knowledge on the subject, you need specific supplements to cure the h.pylori overgrowth and it dies in a similar manner as candida.



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    There are natural herbs that get rid of it so dont run to the antibiotics. AndreaUKA | Sep 9, 2009
    As you probably know from my previous posts, I was so ill with the 3 combo antibiotics that I stopped taking after 2 days and tried herbal supplements, which I took for 4 months (and ma still taking). 1 month ago I went to the clinic for a blood and faeces test to see if the pylori was still present. It isn’t, it’s gone.

    Here’s what I took twice daily:

    Slippery Elm
    Mastic Gum
    DGL (licorice extract)
    Garlic (helps kill bacteria and is also good for blood)
    Psyllium caps (extra fibre as I had diarrhea for months)
    1 pot Manuka honey +15 (but no more as too expensive).

    I have a duodenal ulcer, which pains me sometimes, but it snot too bad – I think the supplements keep it at bay.

    I didn’t alter my diet at all, as I already eat plenty of fruit and veg, very little meat (and hardly ever red, )little dairy (the occasional egg and some cheese, milk in tea) and little glutin (occasional slice of (wholegrain) bread. I drink fruit-juice, English tea and wine (probably too much):-) No coffee (but I would if I liked it!)

    Either way, the H Pylori has gone WITHOUT the deadly antibiotics they give you (which I swore I would never take again and which kill all the good bacteria too).

    Hope this helps someone…
    Try this if possible


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    I tested positive for H Pylori about 4 years ago. I attempted to rid myself of it. I thought maybe the H Pylori was the culprit of all of the problems I was experiencing still. Maybe I hadn’t cleared it all out of my system, so I had my doctor run another test about a year and half ago. The test came back negative. Who knows though, maybe it was a false negative.

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