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    Hi there,

    As my name implies, I’m on my 2nd ‘full’ cleanse of Candida (diet & herbal kit) and am looking into keeping up the longevity of my health as I’m sure all of you are. And yes I had EXCELLENT results the first time round, this second round is due to taking a robust course of antibiotics to get rid of some bad pneumonia.

    I’ve heard about L-Glutamine (or just Glutamine) and how great a supplement it is and am wondering if any of you have any experience introducing it into your personal Candida health plan? When have you introduced it? What stage is it OK to take it at? What were your results?

    I’m interested in it because not only is it said to be good against Candida (according to the Planet organic store herbalist people and this wonderful whole foods article Katy Gillett(hope I spelled that right Katy!) posted for me, but because of a personal story too.

    This runs in my family, and one of my aunts didn’t know about it until she had an operation to remove part of her large intestine. Apparently after the operation happened, one of the comments by the nurse was “Oh look at that (the removed bowel) you must be allergic to yeast!” So there was obvious damage to the bowel. The whole family started to cut down and then eliminate bread after our aunt told us this.

    I made subsequent visits to an ayurvedic therapist who then introduced and confirmed a Candida diagnosis for me. I don’t know where I learned it from – though probably a fuzzy source on the internet – but another source showed me that a lot of damage from Candida could occur to the intestinal tract especially at the top where the bile comes into play and this made sense to me, because I had gotten to a point before reading this where I was having repeated sharp pains at the top of my intestinal tract (the doctor told me it was there after an examination) then I finally started my first cleanse and all that went away in the course of treatment. The doctor was not helping he just told me ‘oh they’re just pains, don’t worry about them.’ (F*** that! I finally started my 1st cleanse after the visit.)

    So, my goal is to REPAIR the damage, after being on my cleanse. I’ve been on a different but similar program (Candigone kit) to this website’s, but I am going to incorporate some of it. Since your intestinal tract is not like your liver, it needs help to get better, so I’m seriously looking into Glutamine. I already have some in powdered form.

    Any history of using Glutamine? Any ideas?

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