anybody recover completely and able to eat old foods again>>??

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    hi- after 4 months of a supposed sinus infection doctor has come to conclusion that it is fungal, and i have candida (not in thrush form, but fungal candida in body) so am doing this diet , the info i have from doc is slightly differnt….. i am also breastfeeding my youngest still. i am finding it extremely hard- getting super duper hungry was hoping to get some specialised bread and almond butter today…anyhow i want to know after the candida is dead and gone will i be able to eventually eat things i used to eat eg museli, bliss balls, wine, pizza!?? and of course beloved chocolote (how i miss it ) i am REALLY struggling with the lack of sweetner (sitting here trying to eat a bowl of cooked millet with linseed and cinamon for brekky yuck without yogurt and honey!) am i alowed stevia ? i am 5 days into the diet but unfortunalty until i saw doc yesterday was still drinking a cup of fresh apple/pear and carrot juice a day, and eating pumpkin so maybe im only 1 day in then dont know….. please help


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    yes xylitol or setvia are allowed as sweeteners.

    As hard as diet is, it does get easier the longer you do it. You get used to only shopping on the outside of the store. But you also appreciate how much healthier you are and how much better you feel (once you get past the die off stage that is)

    Once you have it under control.I’d give it a few months, as well as make sure to make necessary changes elsewhere,( ie: such as adding probiotics) a small cheat is allowed in my book as long as you maintain the diet the rest of the time. Meaning only a few bites of one of your items not all of them. (a glass of wine, or a piece of pizza or a few balls). It is easier to actually have no sweets though, if your will power is in question. I usually also take a extra probiotic if I do a slight cheat just in case. However I have found that once you are clean, you must maintain diet about 98-99% of the time. Or risk it comign back.

    good luck!


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    So, for some people there is no going back to the old ways?

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