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    I’ve ventured into the world of water kefir, and I’ve read quite a bit online about it. But I’m still not sure if my batches have been normal?

    I started a batch Thursday {ratio 1 T of sugar/1 T of grains/ 1 cup of water} and let it sit until yesterday, Tuesday. It still tasted sweet. I removed the grains and left the bottles on the counter for further fermentation.

    It became REALLY fizzy, but it’s still sort of sweet! Normal? OK for drinking while on second stage of the diet? Any help appreciated!


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    Hum…well, I’m not an expert. But if it got fizzy, I think that’s a good thing. My ratio is 1C-raw sugar to 2C-grains, it’s a big jug. It still does taste kinda sweet sorta. I even add 1/4 cup grape juice to my final fermentation. I’ve been on it for a few weeks now and haven’t noticed anything bad. So, give it a try.

    I must say that I think it threw me for a slight loop in the beginning when I first took it, but now I’m fine. So I guess just take it slow and build up. That’s what I’ve heard experts say?! 🙂


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    You could try leaving it for longer.
    You could try changing your sugar to regular white sugar.
    Or you can try a special mineral supplement added to the water.

    Do you use filtered water?

    Are the grains multiplying? If your grains are multiplying, they are feeding on the sugar and growing.

    I use 1 tablespoon of sugar, about 3-5 tablespoons of grains now (I just let them multiply), and around 2 cups of water I think.

    Mine doesn’t really taste sweet – only very slightly.


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    i gave up on it, my always tasted too boozy.

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