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    The only broth that I found without yeast extract or a ton of sugar is vegetable broth. Anyone have suggestions for it to be good?


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    You can usually buy bones from local farms that sell meat, and they’re really cheap. You can use the bones to make bone broth, which is extremely good for healing your intestinal walls. All you do is boil a big hunk of bones, preferably bones with joints in them so you get some marrow, and let simmer for 2.5-3 hours. Make sure you cover the pot so you don’t lose a lot of the broth through evaporation. And add salt, and spices.


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    This recipe is a favorite of Alex and Hope, and it doesn’t involve buying questionable pre-made stocks:–AKA-BEST-SOUP-EVER.aspx


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    Hey Guys i know a recipe of making a vegetable soup.Like three onions, three green beans,one small clothes,one pint tomato vegetables. Chop all the vegetables very carefully.Have prepared in a porcelain kettle three quarts steaming water,put in all except tomato vegetables and clothes cook for one-half hour then add the sliced clothes and tomato vegetables also a bunch of sweet herbs. Let soup steam for twenty minutes,add a teaspoon of white sugar.let it steam up, and it is prepared for the table.Thanks a lot!!

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