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    So I’ve been in a very strict candida diet and black walnut tincture as an antifungal with milk thistle for the liver for about 3 weeks now. Initially I felt terrible as my life long sleep problems got really bad, probably due to cutting out so many things and stress. I now feel much better, strin5ger in my core, constant ball of anxiety greatly reduced and clearer in my head.

    I did however stop taking the milk thistle for quite a few days and I started experiencing some head aches (possible die of). I had been eating a lot of eggs, then one day last week the very idea of eggs suddenly made me feel really nauseous. Against my bodies own instinct I had them the next morning as a friend was making them and I didn’t have anything else in. I felt incredibly sick all day, almost a bit poisoned. The symptons slowly improved but was followed by a few days of migraine/headache.

    Out of instinct I lay off the black walnut tincture, ate well and started to feel better. Then yesterday, feeling great I resumed the tincture, went to work, stupidly had a whiskey with my new beau and went to bed feeling fine.

    I have woken up feeling a but rotten but tgen had a huge dosecof black walnut tincture and now feel awful, terrible headache, feeling done in and sick. I know the whiskey was a bad idea especially as I also feel like I might have a weakened liver and black walnut oil might be too strong for it. Something I have since read up on and has sort of confirmed this. I also feel like the sudden egg intolerance might be to do with the liver but I’m not sure, I had an intolerance to eggs once last year and a doctor said it was something to do with impaired liver as I was working with a lot of chemicals at the time with inappropriate safety gear. I simply cut them out for a while and reintroduced a few weeks later into my diet absolutely fine.

    Anyway, sorry for long message always think i’m gona keep it brief and then all the details come out. So in brief can anyone recommend an antifungal which is a bit gentler maybe?



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    I think coconut oil is the best thing to start with.

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