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    I asked the pharmacy for diflucan, but they gave me 3 Fluconazole Tablets of 150mg instead. They come in a card form, one pill in each card, but on it it says “The easy oral cure for most vaginal yeast infections.”

    I didnt really want a pill for a yeast infection, but the candida that’s swimming inside of me. Now I’m trying to get the docs to give me another antifungal, but have no clue which one to get. I asked for amphotericin B (or something like that), but looks like they don’t wanna give me another antifungal since they already gave me fluconazole 150- fluconazole is bad, i’m not feeling like it’s actually doing anything.

    Which ones do you guys take??




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    I agree, which ones have been the best for people? I would really like sf722 to try, but it is not available right now. =(

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