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    I’ve been tested for

    Candida= Negative
    CT scan= All clear
    Endoscopy with biopsy=All clear
    Parasites= All clear
    Stool Test= No inflammation
    SIBO = Not a classic positive, but showed a lot of fermentation
    Food allergys= All clear

    I’ve been taking anti histamines recently that have stopped a lot of the fatigue and nausea which has been great. But i still have a really bad daily headache which gets worse when i eat the following foods.


    These foods make the head pain very intense. Other food also do that but to a much lesser degree.

    My question is if anti histamines help with the fatique and all these food contain a lot of histamine what could be causing my head pain? and most importantly what can i take it stop the pain?

    The only improvement ive seen was when i was taking l glutamine for a few weeks at 5-8grams per day, but then they started to make me feel sick, this was however before i was taking anti histamines so its unlikley they will make me feel sick again. The l glutamine reduced the pain but didn’t stop it.

    Any thoughts?


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    That’s an interesting experience. I tested low for deaminoxidase, the enzyme that deals with histamine.


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    Did you take the candida complex test that I mentioned?



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    Hi Raster,

    Can you refresh my memory on that one?



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