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    I’ve done all my research and I’m now pretty much convinced I have a candida overgrowth problem.
    For a few year years now I’m chronically fatigued, have terrible constipation, and get skin rashes. I notice my symptoms get really bad when I drink alcohol or consume junk food like pizza, cakes, and chocolate.
    I’m wondering if I just cut out the junk strictly, do I really have to go and buy all these anti-fungals and supplements which I really can’t afford?
    Can I get rid of the candida by diet only?
    Would appreciate any advice..


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    Sounds like you might have mild to moderate candida overgrowth. You should be able to get back to feeling normal with a very clean and strict diet. This is not a quick fix and supplements will only help speed up the process.

    If you want to feel normal you have to follow the strict no sugar, super low carb diet and if you notice that you are feeling much better on it, then there is a good chance it is indeed a candida overgrowth. Prepare yourself for a several month strict diet and then slowly test the waters with foods not on the diet. Taking caprylic acid supplement or coconut oil should help you as well and won’t be that expensive.


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    Hi- get your doctor to prescribe you fluzonazole- start with 150 mg and go down to 100 mg after one month. You need to do this for 90 days with absolutely no grains, sugar, fruit or starches of any kind. No sweet potatoes, and absolutely no pistachios, cashews or peanuts- they are full of mold. If you do this very strictly- and I do mean very strictly- no cheating at all- you will rid yourself of candida. Don’t forget to do research on how to put the good bacteria back into your gut when you are done.


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    You shouldn’t take a bunch of antifungals at once, as that is a waste of money and will cause intense die-off. I recommend Vitanica Candida-Stat, which is a bit pricey, or Solaray Yeast Cleanse (much more affordable for the amount that you get). I buy both on Amazon and have been using both for years, and they have always consistently worked for me. I started off with a capsule after each meal (3) and worked my way up to 6 capsules a day.

    Diet is also extremely important, much more so than the antifungal that you take. I stick to a low-carb, vegetable-protein-healthy fat diet.

    Check out this article, it might help 🙂

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