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    After a hair test showing some bad mercury levels (which explain a lot) I’m doing mercury chelation with ALA and TRS (alternating). Though I’m at the begining of this protocol and it looks like something that will last awhile. From what I read you have to get this stuff out of your system (got rid of the fillings) before you can truly get rid of candida. Have been doing nystatin enemas and other antifungals for awhile.
    So am trying to determine if I should stop the antifungals (which are costly) until I’ve done a good amount of detox/chelation. So to not over burden my body with die off and to keep the candida from building resistance to said antifungals while it will be harder to kill being enabled by the mercury. Or if I’m over thinking it and should be good to attack them both at once?

    Thoughts? Experience? Thanks

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