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    Hi Able

    This lady says that eating fruit is ok. She states something about the blood sugar being around 100 and that the candida dont die / starve in that solution. Just wondering what your thought are on this persons statements??

    Also had a question about eating animal fat. According to this lady it’s not ok to et animal fat. I eat chicken skin and the chicken fat


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    Hi, Timmy.

    Whoever ‘this lady’ is she’s wrong. Lots of people have contracted Candida albicans by eating too much fruit, if you want to try this, go ahead and see what the results are.
    Animal fat isn’t the problem with eating lots of meats, it’s the meat protein that’s the problem because it products lots ammonia during the protein breakdown which is additional work for the already over-worked liver, plus ammonia makes for a beneficial environment for the Candida.



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    I definitely don’t want to try the fruit….Yea she has this site that I put the link to.
    Thank you for the info though


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    Dr. Mcoombs also has a popular anti-candida plan that involves fruit; I would say that the information found on the web about fruit, rice products, and other iffy food items is widely variable; I think what works best is finding a plan that works for you.

    While we may be strict on the forum; in reality, moderation of bad foods such as fruit might be the best for you or your long term plan. For instance, a small amount of blueberries or half an apple isn’t the end of the world and it won’t set you back too much.

    I had my first apple in a few months recently; and wow…did I feel it! You’ll notice a sugar rush immediately if you try it, I couldn’t believe it!

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