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    Hi all,
    I have several PM from forum members asking me for advice. As I have told before, I can not go one by one because it is a hard task for me and don’t have time for it. I hope you understand it.

    I am mentioning my opinion regarding to severe candida cases here. First, you should try a basic approach for a reasonable time. Do it with discipline and perseverance. If following an anticandida protocol for some time, you reach a plateau or don’t improve, then you can try more aggressive alternatives. What I suggest, and I have posted about it a lot of time is enemas. Plain water enemas, Nystatin retention enemas. Moreover, unresponsive cases should look to mercury toxicity.
    There is light at the end of the tunnel even for the most serious cases. I am one of those who had a very severe overgrowth. It almost kills me.

    I am absolutely convinced that high enemas are the fastest way to get better. The biggest fungal concentration is in the colon, and there isn’t easy way to reach it by mouth. Enemas are a most for those who have a huge overgrowth. One time the fungal colonies living in the colon begin to be eliminated, you find the symptoms also go away.

    I am doing my best to help. The enemas were that took me to the position I am today. I also know people that found the cure doing it after trying everything else. I have been posting in Curezone since 2008 and shared knowledge and experience with people who were battling it for years.

    So, you know the “secret”. If you don’t respond, enemas will give you a big surprise. Give them time. I was doing them for 3 or 4 months before to see a dramatic change.

    Someone also told me to write an Ebook with my experiences and knowledge. I really don’t think about that. I have been cooperating with a pioneer Dr that is writing a book about CRC.



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    I’ve had a hair analysis done which indicated my mercury levels were absolutely fine. In your experience, is this likely to be an accurate representation of actual mercury levels in the body?



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    Where did you have your test done? I’m searching for a place I can get tested from The Netherlands.


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    My naturopath ordered it for me. The company is Mineral Check Ltd. I can’t offer more help than that sorry!


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    Dr. Walt Stoll says that Nystatin tablets reach the colon. Nystatin was his go-to medicine for patients. Here’s his board archives from the late 1990s.

    my computer is having issues so i can’t find the specific posts, but he says it works to reach the colon. he recommends also swishing nystatin around in the mouth and swallowing. if you’re using tablets, you can crush them to accomplish this.


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