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    My tongue continues to stay white in the back, sometimes coming in to the front – but always now just a thin coating. For you guys who are healed – what does your tongue look like most days? Is it completely pink all over all the time? do you remember how it healed? (ie., did the back clear and then you realized candida was gone, or some other way). I’m constantly looking in the mirror at my tongue. Sometimes it’s coated, sometimes the coat is wet, so it looks all pink, but then I close my mouth and swish my tongue around again, and see the coat again.




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    I’m having the same problem 🙁 I’m pretty much symptom free, except for my tongue (and my digestion is still on the mend, but that’s candida-aftermath related, not directly candida at this point, I don’t think). I tried oil pulling for awhile, but it didn’t really seem to make a difference. It would go away, then come back again in a few hours 🙁


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    thinking it might be its not Candida related.

    Especially back part of tongue is “hilly” and its normal that food would apply to it easier. I am thinking that it might be because our diet now is not containing any apples, or some other hard-formed (at least here, its mostly cooked vegetables) food such as wheat bread which normally cleans it up during chewing and swallowing. That could explain this state imho:

    It would go away, then come back again in a few hours 🙁


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    I eat a fair amount of buckwheat and that sort of thing, though, salads with crunchy things like radishes…besides, I don’t think “normal” people get white tongues at all? I’m not sure though.


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    A coating on the tongue can also be a symptom of liver congestion, among other things. Chinese medicine has a whole diagnostic set for the tongue that might be worth looking into. Usually it’s the liver–which makes sense at the tail end of a candida diet.


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    Interestingly my tongue is beautifully pink, which I don’t understand because I feel like crap.


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    Ok, this is an old post, but, I just wanted to say what I have heard from my acupuncturist friend that a healthy tongue has a thin white coating, not a thick one nor a red one without any coating (which supposedly signifies too much heat). Also, you shouldn’t be checking it right after a meal because all sorts of foods change it. However, thrush is more of a spotted or blotchy looking tongue with some spots maybe looking pink and slimy and others more white and thick, etc… In chinese medicine, the tongue is a huge indicator of so many things, it’s quite a science and takes a lot of practice to diagnose.

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