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    So I guess I’m another victim of Mercury

    I got my test results back yesterday. I did a hair mineral analysis. And it shows I have too much mercury, and too much copper. All my vitamin/mineral levels are also really low especially my magnesium levels.

    At least I know what to work with now. I am however a bit skeptical about the woman I have been going to, because I have bad experience from before where a woman put me on too much stuff and being sensitive like I am I blew up like a balloon and out of nowhere she gave up on me while I was at my worst.

    So I am feeling some vibes that she really doesn’t get that I’m a sensitive person to A LOT of things, she clearly says she has more experience than me, but I know my body and I have been dealing with this for 8 years! And she wants to put me on a bunch of stuff right away for 4 months, which does not fit my schedule right now at all, cause I know I would be really sick from that. After this 4 months she wants me to do another super expensive test, which I think is ridiculous as it probably is gonna take a long time before my levels are good. As least if I don’t want to kill myself in the process.

    I got the papers and what she wants me to take (which is specific brands containing stuff I can’t have) and she doesn’t want me to take other brands, because she says «its all chemic» and how much magnesium you have have to relate to how much calcium you have. and stuff like that. But I don’t know if I should believe it is AS complicated as she says. I know I need more magnesium than calcium but I’m sure I can find another supplement that doesn’t make me sick. I honestly think she is trying to make as much money from me as possible my keeping me there, and selling me products and tests, but I know it’s gonna drive me sick, and stop me from doing other important stuff I need to do. I will put time aside for my health but I can’t do it right at this moment, and I need to do it at MY paste and my therms. I have just learned that along the way.

    So in addition to slowly starting to take the supplements she told me to, I will also get a juicer and eventually start vegetable juicing and stuff like that. Trying to get as much nutrition and detox the bad stuff. I am thinking I will probably go a year living as healthy as I possibly can before I get tested again. I know this is not an easy road, but I just think doing it on my own might be the safer way, and if I feel like it I will ask for help, but right now I am just seeing red flags when it comes to that lady :/

    I might change my mind though, who knows.


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    Hi smurfie,

    I feel you with your mercury woes. I just found out that is likely the root cause of my candida problems as well. Would you mind sharing which brands/supplements she wants you to take?

    So far my Dr. has recommended higher doses of E, C, and D, to prepare my immune system, in conjunction with a few other supplements (you can read the full list on my original topic.) What kind of chelator did your doctor recommend?

    Some doctors really will do anything to make a buck. Have you considered changing PCPs?

    Donate here to help me get Mercury-free and solve my systematic candiasis permanently! (Even $1 can greatly help my cause!)


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    Contrary to what some forums want us to believe, mercury is not a problem for the vast majority of people.

    Of course I’m not talking about people in some third-world countries, or those who have been working in the mining industry in the 1950’s. These poor souls actually may suffer from mercury toxicity.

    Ordinary people hardly ever suffer from mercury. Mercury levels are simply far too low to be a problem. The occasional fish-lover who eats lots of fish from polluted oceans might have a tiny chance of having accumulated too much mercury. But even dentists who work with amalgams during an entire career hardly have any problems at all.

    Specifically, amalgam fillings have no measurable effect on the amount of mercury in the body. This has been proven by biopsies of all major organs, including the brains, of deceased people (who, of course, gave permission for this before they died). These are the most accurate measurements of mercury levels that are possible – yet even these measurements showed no effect of the number of amalgam fillings or the number of years these fillings have been present, and mercury levels in the body’s organs.

    This is the very reason why dentists don’t normally engage in removing amalgam fillings. Every needless action on a tooth necessarily causes some additional damage to the tooth. Therefore, removing an otherwise fully functioning amalgam filling is against a dentist’s moral conviction. It’s a practice that’s only being performed by those who value their own wallet higher than their patient’s health.

    Now removing an amalgam filling before it has reached the end of its lifespan is one thing – that will “only” cause some additional damage to the affected tooth and it will empty your wallet by a discernible amount – but the victims of the mercury scare all too often proceed with highly controversial practices like chelation. Now that’s something that has a real potential to damage your health long-term!

    Please look for the real cause of any complaints you may have. Mercury is a theoretical possibility at best, but it’s a highly improbable one.

    As you said: some doctors really will do anything to make a buck…




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    Thanks for your input. I think I will take my test results to the practitioner I used to use and see what she has to say about it. There is no need for me to stress over this as much as I do if it’s only gonna cause me head stress and prevent me from doing my best in my studies.

    As for what she wanted me to take.

    A lot of Magnesium and just a bit of Calcium (the one she said I has to take contained fructose and lactose, which I feel is extremely unnecessary)

    Omega3, Spirlina, B vitamins and Enzymes… that is what she told me.

    The magnesium part I do think I lack, and some of these things I will try to incorporate eventually to see how I feel (just not the kind she told me to have)

    Green algae I have also heard somewhere will feed the candida? I have heard that is both good and bad so I’m not quite sure.



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    Thanks for the clarification. I’ve had mercury amalgam fillings for over 30 years but not noticed any ill effects at all – I only began to experience candida problems about 10 years ago after being treated by powerful antibiotics.  I am a little wary about the whole mercury issue – for one thing the cost of removing all my amalgam fillings in the Uk would amount to thousands of pounds so it’s not a route I could even consider.  I’ve noticed that people usually have been diagnosed with mercury problems and go off in another direction hoping for a cure – but I haven’t seen much from people who having undergone the whole expensive treatment have actually experienced a great deal of relief in their symptoms so I remain unconvinced ….


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    Yes I believe antibiotics is what did it for me too. But I don’t think there is any amount of probiotics alone that will fix the problem, so there has to be something else. But I have also heard (in case mercury fillings are bad) that if you get them removed, it will actually release much more toxins to your body. I don’t have those fillings myself, but I eat a lot of fish from the north sea. I mentioned this to the practitioner and she said it’s not really a big deal, as the mercury levels are pretty low and it’s my low vitamin levels that really is the problem why my body is so out of balance (which allow the mercury levels to be high)
    If the my results are true my body does seem very out of balance, which I’m not surprised about cause I feel so exhausted all the time! My diet has been so limited for so long and lately I haven’t been taking a lot of vitamins either. I recently just started taking iron, vitamin D milk thistle along with probiotics and olive leaf extract (this was before I took the test). I find it hard to start new pills because my body seem to freak out. I can get swellings or an upset stomach which sometimes result in cellulites which I got a huge complex about cause I feel it’s just taking over completely.
    And mood swings, that I get too.
    I want to try and stay positive and get better, I just hate this process.
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