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    Hi everyone

    So I am 12 months Sugar Free, 11 months Gluten Free, 7 months Dairy Free
    I dont eat honey, agave or anything like that… only xylitol.
    I dont eat fruits.

    All I eat is vegetable – broccoli, cabbage, leeks, zucchini, onions, garlic, turnips, leafy greens, cauliflower.
    I eat coconut oil and avocados, chia seeds, sunflower seed butter when I really want a treat.

    I dont feel or see ANY change at all… I think it is pretty weird because I am so long on the diet and I am really loosing hope …
    Only thing what actually changed is that I get more stressed out… 🙁
    I get these angry attacks for a few minutes every day, suddenly I get really impatient and angry.

    I take probiotics.
    My belly is blowy all the time.

    What should I do? Why I dont see any change?


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    Candida is caused by a slowed metabolism/hypothyroidism. This condition results from inadequate carbohydrate in the diet which serves to down regulate the metabolic rate, reduce body temperature, reduce enzyme and gastric acid production as well as immunity in general.

    Looking at candida as solely a pathogen is incorrect and not a holistic way of viewing the body. To beat candida you need to repair your metabolism so that the bodies own immune system takes care of candida without issue. All one needs to do is consume a diet very high in carbohydrate with adequate protein so that the body can repair itself. The problem is that when one has candida the digestive tract will not be functioning well and many types of carbohydrates will not be tolerated by the patient.

    The solution is to consume very easily digested sources of carbohydrates that even the slowest of metabolisms will be able to digest. These sources include: raw honey, orange juice, other fruit juices, and watery fruits like grapes. Carbohydrates that have a starch component like apples, or sweet potatoes will cause problems for those with candida because these types of carbohydrates digest slowly and allow candida, along with other pathogens that will always be present with this condition, to ferment these carbohydrates and release toxins into your blood stream.

    When one adopts a high carbohydrate diet composed of easily digested sources of carbohydrates the problem of candida will resolve quite rapidly. It should take less than a couple of weeks to notice drastic improvements in your condition. I consumed well over 3000 calories of juice a day to beat candida and heal my metabolism which now allows me to eat any food without issue.

    Further, it is a myth that you can starve candida. Candida has a mitochondria and when you restrict sugar from the diet your body will begin to release fatty acids into your blood stream to sustain energy. Because candida has a mitochondria it can metabolize these fatty acids quite well. This results in candida actually becoming more pathogenic because the immune system and beneficial bacteria become weakened in a sugar deficient state.

    Without these defenses functioning candida will be allowed full access to your body. Notice that no one in this forum has cured their candida with the candida diet. A high healthy sugar diet from natural fruits like oranges or raw honey is the way to beat candida by both strengthening the immune system and the metabolism. Everyone here on a low sugar diet can measure their body temperature and realize what I am saying is true. People here will have body temperature of 95,96,97 none will have healthy temperature of 98+ and this is why the immune system has failed to contain candida. You need to eat a lot of sugar to raise the metabolism which raises immunity and knocks out candida fully.


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    Stay away from xylitol!! It can disrupt your good bacteria and possibly toy with your blood sugar. At high enough doses it can aggravate your gut. Aggravation of your gut can cause a change in mood. Blood sugar imbalances can also cause a change in mood.


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    I think weak adrenals might be a good bet. I also got angry at the start of the candida diet. It always got better when I ate something. Try to change your eating habbits to small and frequent meals.


    Sun Made
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    You can’t cut out all carbohydrates. That’s crazyness. Have some common sense.

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