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    is anyone else with candida angry and bitter a lot? i am pissed off just about everyday because of this disease. i just get angry thinking about how things would be so different for me in life if i never had this illness. i am 26 year old man and feel like i’m in my 50’s, 60’s. i have been dealing with candida for a little over 4 years now. i’m tired all the time. apathetic. i get annoyed easily. muscle pains, acne breakouts, brain fog and more and more health problems on top of health problems. i just all around hate life because of candida. yes i am trying my best to stick to the diet, taking probiotics and antifungals but it’s all so exhausting. also, very expensive. that’s another thing that angers me is how much money i am having to spend because of this yeast just to try and feel somewhat normal throughout the day. i can’t keep spending all this money on these products because i really can’t afford it. i don’t know how much more i can take of this disease.

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