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    Hi All

    I was wondering how much Flucanzole I should be taking and how often? my doctor will not prescribe me antifungals as he belives it is all in my head and I have me/cfs but I have been improving on the diet but cannot seem to tolerate any herbal antifungals due to leaky gut but am ok on the flucanzole but not sure how much to take as it only comes in a 150mg one off dose..

    Any advice appreciated thanks.


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    Hi. Same problem here. Writing to subscribe in case someone replies

    Long story short: I have esophogeal candidisis. I don’t think it’s horrible but I know it’s there and endoscopy showed it (i would say it’s not severe at all but on the scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, i’d say my situation is at a 6.)

    I was FINALLY able to get my hands on diflucan. However, I only have 12 150mg pills of it. That’s 1800mgs total. On one site, I read that for esophogeal candidisis one can take 200 on the first day and take 100 mg every day for 14-21 days.

    Now today I took the first 150mg pill. I have 11 more 150mg pills. That’s 1650 mgs left. How should I use the rest? Should I take 150mg a day for 11 more days? Or Should I take 150mg every other day as I read that it stays in the system for several days? That would mean I can take it for 22 more days. Or should I split it and take around 100mg for 16 days? I really want to get rid of this thing, it’s been ruining my life. I also have about 25 days’ worth of CandiGone left which I’m planning on jumping on immediately after my Diflucan course. Is that a good idea? Sorry, don’t mean to hijack your thread but i hope we can both get helpful info and overcome this thing 🙂

    I can’t stress it enough how greatful I would be for any tips! Thanks so much!!



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    I just filled my prescription of Fluconazole (100 MG)

    My doctor told me to take 1 pill ever 72 hours until all ten are taken. Hope this helps!


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    The cure with fluconazole used by doctors is like this:
    1. The first day you take 400mg of fluconazole
    2. The next days you take 200mg during a month
    Of course consider your diet, get enough sleep, exercise moderately.
    You might experience die-off symptoms depending on how severe is your case. When i took fluconazole i had insomnia all the time. If you experience it the same avoid plants and drugs that are enzymatic inductors though they will eliminate the drug out your body and that is undesirable because fluconazole reaches its maximum concentration only after 2 weeks so you need it there in your blood.

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