Amenorrhea on the (less strict) candida diet?

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    Hello everyone,

    On the diet for almost 2 months, and have been adding some low carb foods after checking them on nutritiondata.

    Amenorrhea is the absence of periods, and I skipped mine for a second time after starting the diet. I don’t count carbs but I think I should be getting enough, actually I guess a lot more than many other forum members.

    Any ladies here had/are having a similar problem?


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    It looks like it is my post above..

    The same here: almost 2 months on a diet, no period since I started it..


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    Somewhere I read that boiling a bunch of parsley and drinking the juice heps, you can try that. Parsley is so hard to find here, and I’ll need to wait around one month to be able to eat the one I’m growing.

    I am definately not underweight and have enough of body fat, and haven’t skipped periods before…


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    I haven’t had my period for 3 months since I started the diet. My gyno gave me hormonal pills to induce it, so I eventually got it, but these pills made me feel very bad, so I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. I heard that Lady’s Mantle tea is good for naturally inducing your period so next time I’ll try with that. But I would definetely recommend you to see you gyno and to do an ultrasound just to check if everything’s ok.

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