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    A week in on my new regime and I know that i am impatient! I want to feel better NOW! i think that the herbs etc that my health pratitioner has given me is lessening the effects of the die-off but I keep getting headaches, feeling woozy, really tired, cramping and nausea – then I get a moment when I feel much better, not necessarily great, but better. I still feel that my life is on hold until this is sorted, in fact at times I still can’t see that I will ever feel better. My symptoms this time seem to be more psychological (apart from the tiredness) not sure what’s worse.

    How long did it take for any of you to feel any where near human again and not have that hopeless feeling? Any of you had more psychological sysmptoms – anxiety,irritability, moody, depressed etc than the physical? As a counsellor I am required to have my own therapy and during my session yesterday I felt like candida was all in my mind, there’s no such thing and i just need to deal with my emotions. My therapist is an ex Doctor and into reiki, eft massage etc, i felt awful. Surely as individuals we know our own bodies – ggrrrr I ranting now as I feel frustrated at the mo

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