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    A week in on my new regime and I know that i am impatient! I want to feel better NOW! i think that the herbs etc that my health pratitioner has given me is lessening the effects of the die-off but I keep getting headaches, feeling woozy, really tired, cramping and nausea – then I get a moment when I feel much better, not necessarily great, but better. I still feel that my life is on hold until this is sorted, in fact at times I still can’t see that I will ever feel better. My symptoms this time seem to be more psychological (apart from the tiredness) not sure what’s worse.

    How long did it take for any of you to feel any where near human again and not have that hopeless feeling? Any of you had more psychological sysmptoms – anxiety,irritability, moody, depressed etc than the physical? As a counsellor I am required to have my own therapy and during my session yesterday I felt like candida was all in my mind, there’s no such thing and i just need to deal with my emotions. My therapist is an ex Doctor and into reiki, eft massage etc, i felt awful. Surely as individuals we know our own bodies – ggrrrr I ranting now as I feel frustrated at the mo


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    Dear Helen,

    I am sorry you’ve been so discouraged. You’re right, the die-off can affect your thought processes, too, not just your physical symptoms. Just like depression has a chemical basis in most people, it makes sense that our brains/thoughts can be affected by toxins in our bodies. Realize this and try to do what you need to do – give yourself time to relax, speak positive, true thoughts to yourself, rest, drink lots and lots and lots of water.

    This is going to take time. The first 2 weeks are very often the most difficult. Keeping this in mind, press on. You *will* feel better, and it’s important that you really believe that 🙂 It’s just going to take longer than a week. Longer than 2 weeks, most likely. But, you’ll begin to have gradual improvement and that is so motivating!

    Are you on the diet only or have you already started antifungals? Perhaps you could consider just letting the diet take care of some of the yeast before killing off even more yeast with antifungals & such. Then, once you’ve been on the diet for 2-3 weeks, you can start more with the natural antifungals – this will help control your die-off and keep it more steady instead of spiking in dramatic ways. Maybe you’re already doing this.

    I know you mostly just needed to talk and let it all out. I’d like to encourage you 🙂 It *is* possible to get well! But, you’ll need to commit to as long as your body is going to need, which may follow the timeline of a certain diet, but also may take longer. Following through is extremely difficult if you don’t really think the detox/diet are going to help. Keep reading and learning, keep working with your body. We’re all here to talk about the good and the bad as you progress 🙂


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    Thanks Hope, I will keep going with this, I have managed it before it’s just that I have more psychological symptoms and that is what I am struggling with. my naturopath has given me B complex, acidophillus, a herbal mixture to support the detox process – antifungals, liver etc, another concoction for adrenal support and a mixture to support my body in re-balancing.

    I do get a glimmer of hope now and again and i think that my energy levels have increased slightly. I intend to ask my partner later if he has noticed any change in me.


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    Hi Helen.

    I’m going through the same things you are. It’s VERY VERY TOUGH. However I think when I treat this as like a time to take care of myself, it helps. I also feel like my life is on hold until this goes away. And maybe it is a time to clear out some things. I’ve been sick for about four years and have probably not been totally well most of my life, dealing with anxiety and depression etc. However now that at least I know why, it helps.

    I’m currently only doing the intensive Candida diet, max one piece of fruit a day – if that. 95% Organic green vegetables (cooling) and some tilapia and organic chicken a couple of times a week. But mostly it’s vegetables. I have lost about 10 lbs in one month but am also frustrated because I don’t FEEL any better, in fact I feel like i have the FLU!

    I hope this is die-off. This is week 3 of intensive diet. Cue rollercoaster emotions etc. It’s good to know I’m not alone. I know this will get better. And instead of focusing on my ‘feelings’ which change like the wind, I am choosing to focus on complete healing. As if I did have the flue. 🙂

    – Liv


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    Hi Liv, well done for sticking to the intensive diet, mine isn’t so as I’m following a different routine following on from a health acreening test with a naturopath. my test showed I needed to cut out wheat, tuna, peanuts and the obvious sugars,caffine etc. I am trying to stick to a more strict diet though and as i haven’t lost any weight yet wonder if the goats cheese and browbn rice that I have been eating are not helping. i have cut out fruit which is difficult. It’s so confusing as to know what to do for the best – I guess we’re all different and it’s a case of finding what works for us.

    You’re right, this is a time to care care of ourselves, something I haven’t done in a very long time and it’s not coming easy to me!

    Hope – So i’m not the only one who feels that their brain is mashed up becasue of this? Well that’s good to know, there have been times when I have thought that I am going mad – that I’m going to do something really stupid and that has been scary as i have a 6 year old son.



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    Hey Helen,

    sorry to hear your having a rough time with it, i know how you feel, i skipped phase 1 and went straight on a hardcore diet along with prescription antifungals as well as herbal ones!! and yes i was knocked for 6 for about 10 days but im not gonna let it get the better of me so carried on out of stubborness even tho i felt that i should of really been in hospital !

    as for going mad/crazy thoughts dont worry about it, its normal a side effect of candida is anxiety. i suffered with anxiety/panic attacks etc very bady for about 4 years and what you describe is some of the things that were happening to me.

    but as soon as ime and treatment move on all those things WILL pass and you WILL feel better. As for your son dont worry about doing anything silly or crazy because i have 2 kids and was i was suffering nothing ever happened because the subconsious instinct kicks in instead of the confused hazy consiousness when you need it too so rest assured.

    hope this helps



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    I went through/am going through the same thing. I’d have to say it was about 6 weeks to feel significant improvement. But, that said, everyone is different and I had a parasite to eradicate first so that affected the time frame.
    Even now (8weeks) I’d say it can come in waves (die-off) just fewer and farther apart.
    It is REALLY difficult, especially because it’s not like, oh I have strep throat or something everyone “knows” about and understands. It’s hard dealing with all the crazy mental symptoms and feeling like other people don’t necessarily get it.
    I found when I was feeling really anxious/depressed/hopeless, it helped to remember it was probably just die off, and I’d take a hot bath and try to sweat out some toxins. Sometimes even putting on warm clothes after to sweat some more. It helped, also these were times I didn’t feel well enough to exercise, that’s obviously the best way to sweat out the junk.

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