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    I believe I have Candida for more than 20 years. My major problem is anus itch and the ringworm have spread to inner thigh and the testicles. I used to use Travocort to control the symptom, but in the last few years, it was getting out of control. It is the most embarrassing thing in my life and I don’t want to see a doctor or talk to anyone even my wife.

    I have never heard of Candida until Sept this year, and I started to connect all my minor symptoms with Candida and it suddenly make so much sense. I have headache several time per month. I have asthma. Oral thrush. Strange feeling on my feet in the morning. I get flu or flu-like sickness several time per year. My brain cannot function after I had lunch. I never felt I have enough sleep. I have diarrhea more than ten times per month. One of my nose is constantly congested, and I did not notice this problem until several years ago I did some yoga and was practicing breathing with one nose. Also my thyroid node is big since I was a few year old.

    I thought all these symptom are “normal” and cannot be cured until I learnt about Candida.
    Now, I have hope to become normal again.

    I started the diet in Sept and I was not detailed enough in following the plan. I did add a lot of vegetable into my diet. I also eliminated sugar and caffeine. However, I still eat 1 bowl of rice per day. My symptoms seemed improved a little bit, but when I cheat (eg. eating photo chips), it seemed the Candida is becoming more aggressive than before.

    My biggest mistake was my vacation to Hawaii last month. I did not following the diet and thought it should be ok for just a week. I had pancake with syrup. Ice cream everyday. Coffee with sugar and cream. Orange juice a couple per day. A lot of rice. Big Mistake! I developed rash all over my body after I came back and follow the diet again. I experienced even more severe die-off symptoms. I think I am back to square one!

    so I started a second time and follow a strict diet about 10 days ago. The symptoms are improving, but my die-off is quite severe. I think Raster’s hot tub advice is extremely good. It helped me quite a lot.

    I am currently taking:
    Vitamin C (2x1000mg)
    Molydbenum (2x250mcg)
    Coconut Oil (2 tablespoon)
    Oil or organeo (10 drops)
    5 clove raw garlic and 1 slice of ginger blend in water 2 times per day.
    Ultimate Flora 50 billion count (2 per day, 1 first thing in the morning, 1 before sleep)
    Accuflora 0.5 billion count (2 per day) (I won’t continue after I finish the bottle)
    Culturell 10 billion count (2 per day)(I won’t continue after I finish the bottle)
    I have ordered Megaflora with DDS-1
    2 cups of lemon water

    I also use 1 bulb of garlic in the hot tub.

    My diet:
    12 cup of water
    A lot of Kim Chi
    Miso soup
    Non-fat Greek yogurt
    2 organic eggs
    small amount of chicken a few time per week.
    coconut bread
    no fruits
    cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil
    I plan to introduce kefir next week.

    So far, my headache is completely gone in the last few months (except during the first 2 days of die-off period). I used to drink sugar water or coffee to alleviate the headache. I know that now I was completely wrong. Also, my nose is not congested anymore. I can breath with both nostrils since I eliminated sugar from my diet. I am 6’2, and weighed 200 lbs in Sept before I started the diet. Now I am 185 lbs.

    Now, I am having very cold hand and feet,low mood, lack of energy and light headed all day except after the hot tub and a couple hours in the morning. I constantly tried to cheat on food. Reading this forum alone is therapeutic and stop me from cheating. I think I have read about 50% content in this forum.
    I hope one day I can beat Candida and becomes normal again.

    Am I on the right track?


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    I don’t feel that I have enough knowledge to advise you on what you could do or change however what I will say is that I also suffer from feeling cold amongst other things especially my hands/fingers and to a lesser extent my feet. Prompted by something said by another poster (Thomas)about him seeing an improvement on feeling cold after stopping attacking the candia through any anti fungals and probiotics and taking a break from these things I also have a had a day off from taking them and it is early yet but I sense an improvement in this particular symptom so I will continue the break for a day or two to see if there is any further improvement. it could be that you are trying to do too much too fast.


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    Sounds like you are on the right track. All the symptoms should get better over time; it just will take many months.

    Many of the symptoms for me dissappeared after 4 months on the diet, but of course I had assistance with my naturopathic doctor.

    Do you have leaky gut? I would research specific supplements/foods to take to cure leaky gut after you do the detox and are on the diet for a month or so.

    My only other suggestion is to get some SF722 undecenoic acid in the future if possible. Maybe wait a month to start this…its up to you of course. It should cause more die-off.

    If you can continue the hot tub, it could help…but it sounds like that was only available in Hawaii!



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    I also have the cold hands/feet and headache (usally every morning or sometimes again in the afternoon). The Molydbenum seems to help a lot with that. Able says that you can take up to 3 a day to help with the die off. So glad this forum taught me about it. It is a life saver!

    If the die off symptoms get to be too much, you can reduce either the probiotics or antifungals for a bit. Sometimes it gets very hard to function with so much die off. The brain fog and low energy REALLY gets to me. I also found that exercising helps with the energy. Sometimes that’s the last thing you want to do when you’re so tired, but it really does help.

    If you are concerned about the weight loss, I’ve been able to keep weight on by using a lot of coconut oil in my foods, eating an avacado everyday, and making my own yogurt with organic WHOLE milk. I make it myself so that I can put extra probiotics in it and let it “cook” a long time so that less sugar in the end product. Good stuff. 🙂

    Best of luck on the diet! Stick with it and you will feel worlds better!



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    Stick with it. Stay strong and listen to Able and Raster. They have the ability to help guide you out of the darkness. I started the diet on Nov 15th..but started the real diet on the 20th once I found this forum. I too spend all my spare time pouring over this forum and educating myself. I can’t believe how much better I feel. Have faith and willpower.



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    Thank you for all the reply.

    James and Kirsty,
    I think I might need to slow down and reduce antifungal/probiotic for a day or two to see if I will feel better.
    I might also need to increase to 3 Molybdenum per day.

    I don’t know if I have leaky gut. I need to find more info about it.
    I will get the SF722 from amazon. I read your review there.

    Yes, will power is what I need. I would definitely have failed the ” fresh baked warm chocoate chip cookies test” 🙂

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