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    I love oatmeal and on this diet I’ve been eating 1 and a half, and, on occasion, 3 servings a day. Is that too much?
    (also do you need to cook it a certain way? Today I was really hungry so I just had it uncooked with soy milk poured on top but I’m not sure if thats okay)


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    If you’re following the strict diet, then oats are not included. However, as they’re gluten-free, they are certainly a better choice than wheat, barley, rye etc. As an occasional choice I would think they are OK, but certainly not every day (or 3 times a day!)

    Have you tried one of the other options on the Yes or Maybe list? Amaranth, millet and oat bran are all better choices for a filling breakfast.


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    Try cream of buckwheat as alternative, you are slightly feeding yeast every meal. You need to get more creative with diet.

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