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    On July 27th this year, i got oral candidiasis (trush) , i wasn’t sure what it was so i went to a doctor and she gave me fluconazole (DIFLUCAN) ,i tried to do the diet on the website for a couple of weeks, i didn’t read the whole website, and started taking coconut oil capsules and sometimes in my food and a probiotic i had on hand, i think it was Primal Defense, the trush went away, then i stopped because i live in Ensenada, Mexico, where wineries are the place to be, and it was wine harvest season and i had tickets for several social events, so obviously i had wine, cheeses, bread, beer, sweets, you name it, everything, for 3 weeks, so a month later, i got it again, in the same place and this time i took it seriously and read the whole website, (didn’t join the forum yet),

    So i did the web’s cleanse, with the liver flush and detox drink (the easy one) and started taking

    liver formula tablets w/milk thistle
    candida clear
    vitamin c (ester c)
    candex (which someone recmomend me at health store)
    Primal Defense probiotics with 5 billions
    when i ran out of it i changed to
    ULTIMATE FLORA 50 billion, which is the one i’m using right now,
    so fat he only die off symptoms i had were some weird headaches

    then i started taking

    pau d’arco
    molybdenum 150mg
    and later i took oregano oil soft gels (already packed) and suddenly i had strong die off symptoms, i had like a flu for about 3 or 4 days, feeling miserable with aches and runny nose, that when i started reading the forum so i stopped the probiotics and antifungals,
    and after a couple days off i started reintroducing again the
    candida clear
    and five lac probiotics, since i already ordered when i was into the website, and gradually went back to the Ultimate Flora 50,
    CANDIDATE only when i feel die-off coming

    after a couple of weeks i stopped Candida Clear and started BLACK WALNUT extract, which i only have left for one or 2 more days,
    i’m still taking coconut oil and cooking with it, and started using some supplements:
    testing one at a time for a week before adding another one

    Hyaluronic Acid w/chondrotin for my plantar fascitis and tendinitis
    Cal Mag Zinc + D
    Eye Factors by natural factors ( for my vision)
    Attend by VAXA (for ADD) herbal homeopathic

    I no longer have trush but i’m think i have candida overgrowth, specially because i’m always tired, i think my ADD must be caused by candida as well, insomnia, inability to focus, irritability, low libido, body odor,eye problems, difficult to
    loose weight, general body aches and pain, i suffered from Clinical Depression in the past, for 3 years, i got a weak immune system, i’m 38 now, but i got Shingles (herpes zoster) at 36, i can’t handle stress very well,
    i suffered psoriasis and skin rashes in the past for longs periods of time, and got sick very easily especially colds and cough, sinus problems, i had surgery because i had an abcess on my tonsils, i had a cough that lasted several months last year until one doctor told me
    i had post-nasal drip, i had cystitis and yeast infections in the past, so even tough i’m not suffering for most right now, i had them in the past, i’m not sure if Candida is still out of control, but i’m willing to get my health back.

    Some symptoms have already disappeared since starting the diet, like sugar and carb cravings, my skin cleared, except for when i stopped the probiotics and Candex, and lost some stubborn weight in the beginning that i couldn’t loose at any cost before, but i stopped loosing
    any now. I only lose 4 pounds but i got down 1 size. And of course i suspect i might have Leaky gut syndrome as well, or maybe i’m just an hypochondriac. But i still have many symptoms

    I have other supplements that i haven’t used yet, cause i’m trying to incorporate one at a time, but i’m about to finish my black walnut and i’m thinking of starting my SF722 and some others that might not be as good but i don’t feel like throwing them away, because i’ve spent
    so much in the last month

    VITAMIN E-200
    Vitamin D3 5000
    Vitamin A & D
    Oxypowder from
    Bitters with ginger (alcohol free)
    Oregon grape extract from herb pharm
    GSE nutribiotic
    Oregano oil softegls by Now
    Candid-Free by Vaxa ( a doctor gave those to my 10 year old son but he couldnt swallow so he’s taking Candidate instead)
    Singing Nettle Root capsules (for overall health boost)

    and i’m planning on getting

    Inulin powder
    Glutamine (not sure if powder or pills)

    I’ve got kefir grains from ebay, but i’m not sure if it has turned well, i’ve been making about 5 batches and smells very cheesy, i’m not sure it that
    s how it supposed to smell, i’m using whole milk until it becomes thicker, how can i know if the kefir is good or bad?
    Is the commercial kefir also good?

    I’m waiting to get my strict diet from Able, i already sent the email but i haven’t received it, i guess he get tons of requests.

    My diet consist of:

    5 days a week, eggs with vegetables (red peppers, asparragus, spinach, spaghetti squash, zucchini,avocado)
    2 days a week, amaranth w/ walnuts and coconut milk
    ocasionaly a Waffle made with Namaste Gluten Free mix

    1-2 Week, salmon w/salad or steamed vegetables
    4-5 Chicken w/salad or vegatables
    Ocasionally shrimp, beef, turkey, brown rice,

    3 days a week, oilve oil packed sardines w/brocoli or cauliflower
    2 days a week vegetable salads w/avocado and walnuts
    2 days a week soba, or brown rice pasta w/vegetables and some protein

    Greek yogurt w/stevia , almond extract and a splash of coconut or almond milk
    a glass of comercial kefir
    cucumber or alfalfa sprouts
    brown rice w/ coconut milk (when i’m craving for a sweet desert)
    rice cakes w/nut butters or avocado

    i only drink water, lemon water and sometimes unsweetened tea, and every other day i have 2 tbsp of flaxseed w/water either first thing in the morning or before bedtime,

    I cook with coconut and olive oil, and use lemon and apple cider vinegar.

    Let me know what you think


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    Most of the people on the forum follow the “forum diet” and are getting results. You can find all the details on the “useful links and forum posts” on page 1 of general discussion.

    If it’s not on the list or link in the forum, then it’s because the only guy that has returned to a normal digestion (Able900) either states that it feeds Candida, or caused a reaction to him while on his protocol.

    His allowed foods list is only available by emailing him directly.

    Good luck!


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    Oregon grape is basically an antibiotic and thus is not recommended. This will destroy both the good and bad flora.

    Candida clear is basically a multi antifungal product and can be potentially bad because candida will adapt to all of these antifungals at once when you should just take one or two of these antifungals at once.

    Five lac and the other probiotics you are taking are very weak; you ideally need 30-90 billion cfu of probiotics per day and fivelac and the other one are less than 5 billion. The new one is better but it doesn’t contain DDS-1 or human micro flora which we recommend in this post:

    Candex is a digestive enzyme product. I think this is a cheap/poor enzyme product; I would check out pro-gest as an alternative. Digestive bitters are also an alternative to taking enzymes.

    If you are allergic to any foods you have leaky gut.

    Here is a post about vitamins:

    If you take fermented cod liver oil you can replace vitamins A and D with this. Fermented cod liver oil reduces inflammation and has other health properties.

    If you have any skin issues, dr. mcoombs feels that this is because your body is not producing enough HCL (hydrochloric acid). You can supplement yourself with HCL and you likely will notice an improvement with your skin conditions. You can of course take other acid products which will improve this as well as your digestion.

    I would not stress about trying out new products because it takes a long time to heal and get better. Plan on it taking 6-18 months to get over candida overgrowth.

    Amaranth is not on the strict diet.

    The waffle mix contains the following:
    Sweet brown rice flour
    tapioca flour
    arrowroot flour
    rice milk powder
    cream of tartar
    baking soda
    ground vanilla bean

    Brown rice flour, rice milk, and tapioca flour should not be eaten on the diet.

    Rice cakes and nut butters should not be eaten until stage 3 of the diet and even then it can set you back. Brown rice should also be eaten as little as possible and can ferment in the gut.

    Are you eating any organic foods? This is very important and quite possibly essential.



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    Thanks guys, Raster, if i’m taking the 50 billion Ultimate Flora probiotic and i want to change to MegaFlora, wich one should i use, 20 or 50 billion?
    Also, can someone send me the strict diet, so i can check the allowed list, i already requested two times from Able but he hasn’t send it yet.


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    I believe able is likely busy with the 3 day holiday this weekend and so he will respond when he can. He told me not to distribute the food list link so I will abide by this.

    I personally use the 20 billion megaflora because this will last close to a month at 3 capsules per day. However the 50 billion one is likely a better bang for the buck. You can go either way; one contains 90 capsules while the other contains 30 capsules. I have a personal preference to take 3 per day so it can be spread throughout the day.


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