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    I am in stage 3 and I always feel full.

    Stage 1 I always felt hungry and dropped 10 pounds (I am a 200lb+ male), but when stage 2 started i actually started gaining weight, which is fine, but just eating vegetables and coconut bread?

    This is the same reason I started this candida journey was to eliminate feeling like I ate Thanksgiving dinner all of the time.  Feeling full all the time puts me in a grouchy mood.

    I am detoxing (detox drink, candidate, milk thistle), I started probiotics, I am taking 5400mg of HCL with every meal (with no side effect), i am taking Fiber-3 once a day and even started on bitters.

    Bowel movements are not regular.

    If this is normal and will take time to overcome, that is fine.  Just looking for a little advice.  Thanks in advance.

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