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    As I’ve stated before, I probably have the worst case of candida overgrowth known to man (no seriously). I have had chronic sinus congestion my entire life and every year have had a new symptom added. So with that being said. I am starting the diet either today or tomorrow. I will probably never “cure” my infestation, considering I’ve had it for so long and a lot of my organs are damaged (thymus gland, spleen, liver, and kidneys) even though standardized testing says otherwise, I can feel the damage inside of me. I’m going to start taking milk thistle, molybdenum, and nettle leaf for the first three days while trying to fast (aside from eggs for protein). Then I’m going to jump right into the diet.

    My question to the experts:

    1) When/how should I take the Swedish Bitters?
    2) When should I incorporate SF277?
    3) I would like to start taking FiberSmart from RenewLife at the beginning of the diet (helps my poor digestion). Is this okay?
    4) Is there anything else I can take to help repair organ damage aside from Milk Thistle and Nettle Leaf??
    5) I was recommended to take Glutagenics for leaky gut (found good reviews on it in regards to preventing heartburn and such).
    6) Vitamins and supplements should be added 4 weeks into the diet, correct? (A, B, D, E, K, omega 3 supplement, etc etc).
    7) Also, how much of these supplements should I be taking? For supplements, should I just take them according to the manufacturer instructions? IE: FiberSmart says 4 at night on empty stomach.
    8) When should I be taking anti fungals? In the morning on an empty stomach, or before meals or?



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    1) Follow the instructions or do a search on the forum about the instructions.

    2) I’d incorporate around the time you start taking vitamins. Is this going to be your first antifungal then?
    3) Its up to you.
    4) Homeopathics help repair organs and so does acupuncture.
    5) Should work good. Keep in mind that these multi-products are best used when you use them individually. So if you were to purchase each ingredient seperately, you likely would notice great benefit.
    7) Check out the vitamins post:
    8) Take it between meals. SF722 is to be taken with meals though.

    Keep in mind that the more you do, the more miserable you will feel. If you damage your kidneys and liver too much by going too fast then you will have to heal these seperately.



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    Okay. Well, I’m trying to figure out how do I know if my organs are damaged? Will a blood test show this? All my labwork was normal the last time I got checked which was 2-3 months ago. Thanks!

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