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    Over the last six months I’ve been having severe bloating and heart burn, with abdominal pain, increasing occurrences of nausia, brain fog, back pain, sinus headaches. I also have eczema, oral thrush, and fungus in my toenails, which makes me believe that all of this is somehow fungus related. I also have acne, athete’s foot, and feel generally unwell. There is never a moment of the day I’m not in pain. While looking at the candida symptom list, I match almost every symptom. I also have enlarged lymph nodes in my neck and under my chin, which are concerning.

    The most concerning thing I have is constant abdominal bloating. It seems like I’m always bloated, except the few minutes after waking up. I start bloating and hiccuping after waking, even without having not eaten anything 12 hours prior. If I drink water, I’m hiccuping and bloating. If I eat a plain piece of chicken all by itself, I’m having some sort of a reaction. Milk gives me the biggest reaction, with a lot of heart burn, and so I’m trying to stay away from that.

    I’ve taken numerous blood tests(Standard WBC, RBC, Platelet several times between Oct 2013 and Jan 2014), a liver panel (Oct 2013), a pancreas enzyme test (Jan 2014), which all came out normal. I’ve also done a colonoscopy, an endoscopy, which came out normal as well. A normal Hydrogen Breath Test. I was prescribed Rifaximin for suspected SIBO, but that hasn’t seemed to help with any of my GI issues.

    For the last few days I’ve been taking a high quality Oragano Oil (4 drops tree times a day) and I’m noticing that my brain fog has cleared, and I’m feeling a lot more energy. However, I’m still very bloated and I’ve recently been feeling more and more mild-moderate pain below my right rib cage, in my upper right abdominal quadrant. I’ve had pain in that area for a while, but it hasn’t really been a focal point with the other intestinal bloating pains and burning.

    I suspect it’s my liver and would like to take something to cleanse it. I’ve heard about Milk Thistle and Dandilion, but after several allergy tests, it seems like I’m allergic to a lot of things. Milk Thistle and Dandilion are in the ragweed family, for example. Apparently I’m allergic to “Short Ragweed” from my blood test.

    Here is a full list of my allergies:

    Blood Test

    Aspergillus Fumigatus

    Rast Allergies:
    Cat Epithelium
    Cow Dander
    Dog Hair/Dander
    Greer House Dust
    Bermuda Grass
    Olive Tree
    Short Ragweed


    Adult Comprehensive Allergy Pnl:
    D.Farinae (Dust Mite)
    Rye Grass, Cultivated
    Oak Tree
    Pigweek, Rouch

    Skin Test


    Grass Mix
    June (Kentucky)
    Cultivated oat
    Rye mix
    Red TopBrome

    English plantain

    House Dust
    Dist Mite (f)
    Dust Mite (p)
    Cat hair
    Dog epithelia
    Feather (mix)

    Mold Mix


    What alternatives can I take to Milk Thistle/Dandilion clean my liver? What else should I do besides taking Oil of Oregano?

    I did buy liquid Dandelion yesterday at Wholefoods, and took 1/2 of the recommended dose on the bottle (15 drops) as a small test. I woke up with eyes redder than usual. Upper right abdominal quadrant pain is more noticeable. Although I’m always in some sort of abdominal or back pain, so it’s hard to say how I’m reacting to this.

    My allergist is putting me on Allegra 180 (1x daily), Singular 10 (1x daily), and Prednizone (3x 2 times a day for 5 days). Maybe that will lower my allergies so that I can take more herbal supplements. Unsure though.


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    Well there are many liver cleansing herbs including licorice and nettle leaf, however I do not think these will reduce the bloating. Bloating is a symptom you will have long term from my experience and its going to take time to reverse.

    In my opinion, I think you need a proper diagnosis before you embark on a candida journey and you should consider consulting a naturopathic doctor vs. a western doctor. I think you are over-reacting possibly to your possible allergies and the allergy medication could mess up your recovery, especially if they are in the SSRI category. Red eyes can also be attributed to die-off and a variety of other causes such as high histamine levels. I generally wouldn’t worry about the allergies because these should be reversed over time. Additionally, allergies could be related to leaky gut which is caused by chronic inflammation of the gut, and this medication does not address this problem.

    Here are some candida tests I would look into:

    The best thing I have come up with to reduce bloating is to do acupuncture. There are three points at the center of your stomach area and this will reduce your bloating for days or longer. You also need to address whatever digestive problems you have in the gut, including dysbiosis, acidosis, possible bacteria or microbes being located in the wrong organ, deficiencies in stomach acid, galbladder/pancreas/liver not working properly, etc. This is why I recommend the naturopath route because they can help pinpoint the problem. Tests do not always find the problem from my experience…for instance even though your liver enzymes levels are normal, it does not indicate whether your liver is working at optimum levels.

    From my experience hiccuping is related to your body needing oxygen and so anti-oxidants likely can help.

    But if you go the treat your self route, you could be treading water…and 6, 12, 18 months from now you could be asking yourself why you still feel bad after spending tons of money, etc. when you could be recovered or partially recovered.

    Hope this helps.



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    Thank you very much for your input, raster. It did help. You’re right, I do need a proper diagnosis. I will look into getting a Candida test. I’ll also see a naturopath. Do you think a western infectious disease doctor who lists candida as a specialty would also help?

    In the meantime I need to try different treatments here and today, not simply wait for tests which might or might not be conclusive. I’m at the end of my rope with pain. Waiting is what I’ve been doing for the past 6 months. Simple experiments should be able to shorten the list – ie. if antibiotcs targeted for the intestine help, then it’s a bacteria problem, if antifungals targeted for the intestine help, it’s a fungus problem. If neither help, it must be something else.

    In my mind my chronic bloating must be caused by an overgrowth of some sort in the abdomen. With my GI we already ruled out ulcers, hernias, inflammatory bowel disease in the colon/stomach. But there might be some ulcer or blockage in my Small Intestine. The endoscope or colonoscope can’t see there. This was another suspicion of mine.

    My GI doctor put me on a 10 day course of Rifaximin, a non-absorbed antibiotic, one of the best treatments for Small Intestional Bacterial Overgrowth, allegedly with a 85% (temporary) success rate for sibo ( But I did not see an improvement.

    I did do a comprehensive stool test, which checks for parasites, ovas, hpylori bacteria, salmonella, shingella, enteric campylobacter, and a few other things. The test I got was supposed to be one of the most comprehensive, and looked at content of muscle fiber, fecal fat quality, but still nothing! I did read that it’s pretty common for candia not to show up on these tests, though.

    A few other things point me in the direction of candia. I am also constipated often. At moments like those, when pushing really hard, small bits of something exactly like this comes out – which I suppose may be candia roots: (not me, but mine look almost exactly like that, but typically only small quarter sized chunks during constipation)

    Normally, the stool is normally formed. On a constant basis, I do see bits of white things in my stool like this: (maybe candida?)

    Other things that point me in the direction of candia are:

    – Oral thrush
    – Increasing Eczema discoloration on sided of body over the last 6 months
    – Oregano Oil drop really helped my brain fog and energy issues after a couple days of use, like a five fold improvement. They say Orageno Oil is Antibacterial, and Anti-Viral as well, so it’s not an absolute conclusion that this improvement is due to fungus.
    – Oregano Oil drops in my nasal rinse stopped the sinus pressures and headaches in the last 6 months since everything started (the INTERNET says that 98% sinus infections are caused by a fungus)
    – The Candida spit test into a clear glass of water seemed to indicate fungus, but some people day those tests are unreliable
    – Craving for breads and starches (gut-brain desire)
    – Craving for sweets (gut-brain desire)
    – Sensitivity to smog and pollution (some people say that the fungus dies in polluted environments and tells its host to flee)
    – I’ve never had any noticeable allergies. Candida can create allergies, so I hear.
    – None of my allergy tests show positive for Milk in the foods section, but it causes a really bad reaction when I drink it. This may suggest that the reaction is from the fungus rather than my body.
    – In the past six months I’ve developed bad hemorrhoids, which is a sign of candida, so I hear

    I think there’s a strong case for a fungal overgrowth. Although I do plan on proceeding with getting a diagnosis, diagnoses are often unreliable. I feel the need for my self-treatment. My plan is to start with the following:

    1. Start with Thorne Research – Formula SF722 250 Capsules –

    2. Start with THORNE RESEARCH – Bacillus Coagulans Probiotic –

    3. I’m still at a loss with what to do about detoxing though. I guess I’ll try taking Milk Thistle, despite being allergic to ragweed, for a day and see how it goes. I didn’t have a big reaction the the 15 drops of Dandilion I ingested yesterday, and my skin did not turn red with the arm test. My allergist told me that my skin test had very strong allergic reactions. Only 1 of 50 people with allergies who walk into his office have reactions as strong as mine. This is why I’m concerned with any herbal supplement. I will check into the other liver detox supplements you suggested and look into their grass family and cross check with my allergies.

    4. I was reading from Jorge on this forum that antifungal colon enemas can completely clear out a candida overgrowth, even if there is overgrowth in the small intestine. It relieves the body from a lot of the chemical immunesuppression the fungus creates and allows it to take care of the problem on its own. I’m researching and trying to figure out enema options.


    If doing all of this, and after an amount of time I do not experience improvement, my next conclusion is small intestinal blockage. If a lot of those candida swirly roots comes out during my enema it will be a positive indication of a fungal overgrowth.


    Topics: 104
    Replies: 6838

    Well it sounds like you thought this out and have looked at most of your options in terms of what else you could be ill with. So in other words you have a pretty good grasp on it.

    What I would consider is the anti-inflammatory protocol combined with the biofilm protocol (alternative ways to get better post). Probiotics and SF722 are part of the the biofilm protocol. I think enemas likely will help some but the yeast lives throughout the body and not just one organ.

    I’d also look at candidate for die-off and possibly juniper root extract or the homeopathic version (juniperus).

    Seeing the yeast in the stools is a pretty good symptom in my opinion for diagnosis…maybe the most definitive out of all of them.

    I’d also look into human derived probiotics such as hmf neuro…its maybe the best one out there in my opinion, look at the reviews.


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