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    Hi! In the past I’ve eaten a lot of quinoa and never had any problems – however, lately I’ve been unable to eat it at all as I’ve had really bad reactions to it… nausea, bad stomach ache and being unable to do anything besides lie down and rest for hours. It also feels similar to my soy allergy when I’ve eaten soy, a tingly, painful sensation around my chest/throat area.

    Could I have developed an allergy to quinoa? Could it be because I don’t clean the quinoa enough before cooking it? I had the problems immidiately when I tried a new brand of quinoa, but they persisted when I had quinoa from another brand that I’ve had no problems with in the past…

    I love quinoa and would be really sad if I’d gotten allergic to it :/


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    If you eat anything too much you can develop allergies. My experience with quinoa was I was not allergic to it first 2 weeks but then became allergic to it thereafter. I don’t think its perfectly safe for diet either. I would look into buckwheat as alternative.


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