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    I know this might be a funny and gross topic, but I would like your opinion.

    Formerly, for as long as I can remember my bowel movements have been explosive and messy.

    Recently, within the week, they have become solid and normal looking. Is this a good sign? What does it mean, if anything?

    All of my skin discolorations have pretty much faded.

    My rectum itches at night which makes me scratch until it feels better. Is their anything I can use to stop the scratching. Keep in mind that the area has broken skin.

    I have been on this diet for a very long time, at least since September. Over the summer i was on it in the city, but lacked a bit when I went away on weekends.

    I have also recently added tumeric to my diet, I just sprinkle some in my greek yogurt and eat it with Beanitos(they are chips made with black beans). Candida hates tumeric.


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    Hi mate,
    I am happy for you, I believe its a sign that your gut is healing and things are turning to normal again. Isnt it much nicer to have solid stool?
    About the itching of the rectum, try to rub a little olive oil on the skin. This might help you with the itching.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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