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    Hi everyone.

    I’m new here and starting the diet from tomorrow. Everything seems pretty straight forward (while it will be super difficult) but the only thing I know I’m not going to be able to cut out is Alcohol.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Any types that arn’t as bad and what is the worst to stay away from? I’d love to say I would cut it out but I’m 23 and work a 6-7 day week and it’s an outlet in life I won’t give up.

    Advice is sincerely appreaciated!



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    ataris wrote: I’d love to say I would cut it out but I’m 23 and work a 6-7 day week and it’s an outlet in life I won’t give up.

    Then unfortunately you won’t be giving up your Candida infestation either. The diet, probiotics, and antifungals ‘may’ be able to lessen the effects, but you’ll never cure the infestation while drinking alcohol on a regular basis, any type.



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    Im exactyl the same…im 19, every outing/social event i attend invloves ALCOHOL. Its an absolute nightmare! especially with the diet stating NO ALCOHOL whatsoever at any stage. Im finding it so so difficult, i feel i cant enjoy myself properly when everyones drinking around me and im stone cold sober.

    Unfortunatly, thats just how it is :-/ .. alcohol will feed the candida and from personal experience, it really is a big set back. Ive been following the diet for almost a year now and have had nightouts drinking, its pretty apparrent that alcohol aggrivates the candida. Vodka would be your ‘safest’ drink, just drink in moderation and steer well clear of beer, cider and sugar alchopops.

    Good Luck!


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    Hi, on this note about alcohol..

    Has anyone experience about having wine after about 4-5 months on the candida diet and when you don’t have any symptoms anymore, when candida should be under control?

    I know it’s probably best to try an organic red wine to at least stay clear off the preservatives. I’d like to hear people’s experiences, does Candida come right back at you if you have a couple of wines every now and then?

    I’m really missing the days when I could have a few bubblies with the girls! But sparkling wine has lots of sugar in it so I won’t dare to try that.

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