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    Katy Gillett
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    Hi Able,

    So I’ve come across and been hearing about Adya Clarity. Do you know about this? If so, what’s your stance?

    I hope you’ve enjoyed the lake this weekend!



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    Hi, Katy.

    Some doctor in Tokyo seems to have found a way of extracting the minerals found in black mica and changing them into an ionized form. The substance supposedly has tremendous healing power. The claim is that, when a person eats vegetables which are fertilized by this ionized water, they become rejuvenated and even healthier after a while. It’s interesting to note that a human body is built on the same foundational or building blocks as black mica.

    Another version of this “product” created by the same doctor is a liquid which can be added to murky, dirty ponds, and within just one hour, the water is transformed into a crystal clear, clean body of water. Is it all true? I really have no idea, only that it’s been reported.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Katy.


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    Water has very special properties and its definitely worth exploring. I am thinking about drinking a special water as well soon to give it a try. Supposedly, water with “gold” in it has special properties as well, but don’t know whether its true or not.

    There’s a documentary called “water: the great mystery” that I recommend watching in regards to all of the different properties of water. I learned quite a bit, but much of the evidence they discuss is not “scientific.”

    Another idea, if you can do it, is to go to mineral springs and bottle up their water. We have 1000’s of springs in Oregon and some are off the side of the road and you can just fill up for free. Spring water has very good healing properties that work much better than regular water, and can cause people to heal.

    I am very interested in the adya clarity stuff but there are others that are interesting as well.

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