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    Hey guys! I first off want to thank everyone for all their hard work they’ve put into this forum, I’ve been reading it a lot the past few days and I’ve learned so much. I have tried to search for posts about this but couldn’t find any :s

    My backstory: In early 2011 I finally discovered I was suffering for the past 3 years from a candida overgrowth, I did the cleanse and diet and got back on track and did phenomenal until two months ago when everything in my life just turned upside down. I ended up eating almost nothing but gluten, sugary food and fruit for two-three months straight from all the stress and developed an overgrowth again.

    On Monday July 20th I went to my doctor and he put me on Diflucan for two days straight and I started the diet on the 21st. I didn’t do the cleanse as last time I did that I felt way too terrible so I just went straight to the strict diet. I’m currently still taking my vitamins that I was taking every day which are Vitamin D3, B12, Garlinase, Ginko, Fish Oil, and a multi-vitamin. I’ve also added in a probiotic pill in the morning and I started Solaray’s Yeast-Cleanse (close to what they suggest on the main site but I know people on here say it may not be good so I will switch when bottle of done) on Sunday the 27th. I was taking Oil of Oregano but I found out that can inhibit your iron intake so I stopped that.

    I’m on birth control so my cycle should be set, my last one started on the 12th of July and then I started again on the 30th of July, I shouldn’t be starting for another 1.5 weeks.

    I don’t remember this happening the first time I did the cleanse, granted then I wasn’t taking vitamins regularly or really taking a solid antifungal/probiotic as I wasn’t aware of them, and it was so long ago.

    I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this and kinda just curious as to how this happened. I wouldn’t think just changing your diet could affect your hormones in this sort of way, but I’m no expert. It’s just making it hard to tell what is period pain, candida pain, etc etc.

    Thank you for your time, I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day 🙂


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    Changing your diet will certainly have an influence on your hormones and your cycle. I hate to say this but you should really consider coming off of the pill. I myself was on the pill for years. When I started the cleanse I ditched the pills along will all of the other meds I took. I started having normal cycles after a month of being on the diet..pill free! 🙂 A lot of times when you have candida you also have adrenal burnout so your hormones are already thrown off. Hope this helps.

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