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    Hello everyone, I’ve always had digestive issues (ibs and always bloated) most likely genetic, since my family has a history of ibs and psoriasis. I took acutanne for two months for my cystic back acne until I started to have intestinal distress and also feeling dizzy and super tired. Now I believe I have developed candida overgrowth, I still have those symptoms plus oral thrush, tinnitus and terrible brain fog. I stopped taking the drug two months ago but I’ve only gotten worse, do you think the Accutane caused this? I can’t see anything else that could’ve caused this, although it developed really fast. Please help me, I’m just sixteen and I’m desperate.


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    You got to talk to your doctor about the accutane, but if I remember correctly that has a lot of nasty side effects. When I was around your age I had bad acne and went to a dermatologist. I started taking one drug (don’t remember which) and it didn’t really work and then she wanted to switch me to something else (may have been accutane, I can’t remember). It may have been the other around too, maybe I was taking accutane and she wanted to give me something else, it was a long time ago. Anyway, after reading the side effects for the new drug, I said the hell with this, I’ll just live with the acne. I think I made the right decision. The thing with a lot of drugs is they kill off good bacteria in your gut and when this happens the yeast comes in a takes its place.
    Anyway, with your symptoms, I’d focus on the candida, not the acne because it sounds like that’s a bigger problem. You go to decide how you want to deal with it (drugs, natural herbs), but talk to the doctor about it.

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