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    Hey everyone. Hope you are well… I have been trying to successfully implement the Candida Diet for about a year now, getting about as far as 2 weeks and then succumbing to holiday food and peer pressure to eat “normally”. I justify it for a while until my symptoms come back, often worse than before.
    I have been struggling with brain fog, lethargy, digestive issues, sugar cravings and worst of all, migraines, for several years now, and I am tired of it. My symptoms are not constant which makes it difficult to consistently remember why I am sacrificing some of my favorite foods. One of the hardest parts is that (woe is me) my husband and I are traveling for a year, to places with great food and drink, and it is really difficult to prepare meals and make good decisions. We are in Ireland right now and finding food that is not breaded, breakfast that is not bread, and saying no to a pint of Guinness is really really hard. But again, come that next migraine, I’ll be kicking myself.
    Something that has been helpful to me in the past is having someone to hold me accountable, who has done this before and would be willing to connect regularly to support one another. Or perhaps there is a forum out there, online support group or board where people can connect, maybe just posting here is a good place. Not sure… but any recommendations for how to start to take this thing seriously, to hold one’s self accountable, would be much appreciated.


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    Hi Amanda,

    I agree that it is much easier to have an accountability buddy. I’ve been on the diet for two months and still have frustrations and wish I had someone to check in with who understands. If you want, we could email.

    [email protected]

    Best wishes,

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